[I found some historic posts on this subject from 1-3 years ago, so i'm wondering if maybe there's been changes] I've made a Settlers of Catan board, and for the most part it's working great.  The biggest problems are with using the decks. 1. I have 5 decks for resources Originally created using a SINGLE deck, players could use the 'choose' function, and with some glitching, could draw more than one type of the same card (Once a card is taken, you cannot take the same card type again, without first click and dragging another card to refresh the list) This also breaks in 'trading' as if you trade card duplicates, all duplicates get 'deleted' and only the card traded gets traded (probably a bug?) Additionally, while using a single deck, we cannot keep track of how many cards are currently in play, as there's a finite resource - ontop of the Ddupe problems) -  Fixable but adding the total number of cards needed (instead of one of each) but with 95 cards or so, it's very very messy to 'choose' a card Using multiple decks has it's own problem: Players can sort another players hand 'by deck' this allows players to (fairly accurately) guesstimate how many of a particular resource type a user has available.... How can 'sorting' be disabled, or otherwise worked around? Possibly through API? 2. There are two other decks required, totaling 7 decks in play The decks window is only filling half of the screen [Vertically sorting] - this means that you're having to constantly scroll up and down within the deck window to find the right deck....this happens in both chrome and firefox How does one make it so the deck window expands to fill the whole vertical space available (CSS problems?). 3. Replenishing Decks When cards are spent they go into a discard pile, but not actually back into the deck (which is what i want).....Players must then start drawing from the discard pile (not very intuitive) I want cards, that once spent, go back into the regular deck and can continued to be drawed upon like regular cards. The only workaround is for the GM to shuffle the deck, which just requires elevated permissions needlessly - I try not to play as a GM as it's too easy to 'cheat'. Any way to fix it so that discarded cards are automatically added back to the originating deck, without having to shuffle them back in or use the discard pile?? 4. Wanting cards in decks to show facing up When a deck is on the board, it's really only visible if you include a 'backing'. This is problematic as the deck contents doesn't need to be a secret Workaround is to draw a card ontop of the deck, so you know which deck is while How do i make it so decks automatically perform the draw, so that a card is always turned faced up ontop of the deck (without player involvement)....right now every time you draw a card, you have to overturn another card  Using Deck names/titles does not work,because of problem #1  -- i've run into other challenges, but i thinks that's enough questions for now lol