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Creative player LFG: PathFinder, L5R, or 3.5

Name's EkkoFoxtrot. I stumbled on the site a couple of nights ago and am very hopeful to get some gaming in soon - since moving down to DC for grad school, I haven't had much luck getting regular games in, forcing me to go outside and stuff. Nasty. New to the site, but not to RP. I've DM'd, GM'd, ST'd, Referee'd, and played in dozens of game systems, scores of games both pen/paper and play/post. Systems I know (fairly well, a bit rusty): >3.5 >Pathfinder >WoD (all) >Shadowrun >Dark Heresy Systems I'd prefer to play right now: >Pathfinder >L5R >3.5 I'm available EST Mon-Thur 8:30PM - exhaustion and Friday-Saturday nearly all day. Sundays I often have another game. Pathfinder character I have rolled up: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I've been playing pen and papers for a few years now, and love most aspects of the hobby (transitioned in from tabletop wargames). If asked to rank what kinds of games I enjoy the most, though, it would look something like this: Story-centric > Murderhobo tactics > lol dice I can always find a way to enjoy a game, but the pieces of the experience I enjoy the most are the unanticipated character interactions that occur when roleplayers role-play instead of roll-dice. Passed that intimidation check? Describe how, please. Flirting with the waitress? That sleight of hand to pinch her ass came up 1, now you're in trouble! Wat do, Casanova? Casual games in which players spend over half the game time on 4chan or talking about sports put me to sleep. I love sex jokes, too, but I get plenty of that every day. Combat is also fun, but too much and I might as well be playing the war-hams. I'm here to ARE-pee. When there's room for it and the group actually cares, I like to get pretty creative with the game. I often write fictional asides or narratives of how that little scene after the battle went down in detail, for example, and sometimes I draw up character concept art. I never metagame or leave character, because it's no fun for me to do so. "Winning" = seeing what happens when you let the character behave honestly. Combat is a fun mini-game and also provides that ever-present threat of death that keeps things exciting. I do power-game a bit, I guess, but it's defensive power-gaming to help me stay alive and conscious, not become the Neo-Tiamat Incarnate. I like characters with weaknesses, but I've made plenty that are simply too weak and get steamrolled...gotta be alive to play. My characters are always good at something, but have real flaws that I think are fun to watch play out. Some examples: >a shadowrunner that was a 14-year old pick-pocket that could critterform into a rat >a promethean serial killer that only wanted to be loved, made spare bodies of himself >a Malkavian prophetess that stole children because she "loved" them, and was their "mother" me, it was creepy >a noble samurai warrior that lost her eyesight and couldn't fight any more (favorite) >an 8-intelligence half-bard, half-barbarian "bard-barian" that played 'music' on his "Axe of Wickedness" >a priest that sang opera as he cleansed heretics with his flamethrower >wraith of a teenage runaway that died in a plane crash, was fettered to this plane by his former pet dog, which could still sort of see and hear him >I currently have a level 1 Pathfinder samurai-ko whose horse just died, leaving her alone in a strange land with nothing but her family weapons and 3 days of rations. Please help her... <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Here's some of the things I've created from play-by-posts. They aren't perfect, but I'm proud of them. There's some sex in one of them, I think, but that was character background and out-of-game. I'm a guy that does roll up a lot of female characters, but the erotica fades to black in RPGs that aren't date night. Some of my writing (I'm 'Foxtrot' in these): (WoD: Vampire) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> (Shadowrun) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> (L5R) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> (WoD: Vanilla) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> (L5R) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
85,000 gamers and no takers, huh?
Hey, if you wouldbe willing to make a new character for my homebrew setting I would have you in my group. If you have Skype add me TheUltimateFiction
You'll have better chance of finding a game if you look for a game rather than expect a game to look for you. Good luck, I'm sure you'll find a game.