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GM running Patfinder Adventure Path.


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Seeking players for a long-term Pathfinder AP campaign. Have one interested so far, probably going to take 5 total (maybe 6 depending on the demand). Newer players are welcome, though a basic grasp of the system is necessary, I'm not really interested in teaching the game turn-by-turn. Voice via Skype is also needed, no text, sorry. Sessions will be based on EST time, and should be compatible with any US timezone. Europe and Australia, I can't do. Games won't be on Thursdays or Fridays. All character creation details will be discussed in a Skype group, but all Pathfinder material should be available. Choice of AP is still in the air, but may just end up being Runelords for simplicity. Post or send a PM with a Skype name, and we'll discuss things. Again, this is intended to be a full run, so if you don't have the time to commit to a campaign, not the game for you.
Andrew T.
KS Backer
I am interested as well. I have the basic system down, though I'm still new to Pathfinder. I'm on EST in the US. I can't do Sunday, but I can commit to any weekday evening or a Saturday. Let me know what other information you'd like to see. Thanks!

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Me and a friend would like to join! We're free mondays
Interested as long as it's not Sat/Sun

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I am interested in playing. I am relatively new to roll playing but i think i have a basic grasp of Pathfinder (i have been reading the core rule book in the hopes of dming a campaign for my friends) When you say voice via skype are you referring to the basic skype service or to some of their paid services? Lastly, how soon would you like to get started? I am dying to try my hand at this My schedule is pretty open, my latest class is ends at 130 each day. My unavailability would be based more off individual days (assignments exams etc)
I've heard two votes for Monday so far, so I guess that's a possibility. By Skype voice, I mean just that; Group voice chat via Skype. No money involved.
Interested! Unfortunately can only do Wednesdays at 8pm EST. If that doesn't work then I can pass.
I would love to join if you still have room, any time on Sat/Sun and after 7pm EST on monday/Tues/Wed would work for me.
Monday works for me.
Are we doing point buy or rolling stats in the roll20 app?
Point buy, but I'd prefer actual discussion about the game be not in this thread, and held until there's a group formed.
Mondays are good for me
Mondays work for me if theres room Falcor.RiF is skype name
I'm very familiar with the PF rules (I used to GM many games, and have experience DMing over the last 8 years or so). I'm looking to be a player for a while, and only would be ideal. I can play Mondays, Thursdays (though you said that wouldn't work), and Sundays from 5-9 EST. I'd prefer to play one night a week only. Also, what do you think about using archetypes? I do have Skype, but I've never played online before.

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I would also be interested in any Pathfinder game play. I've been playing a group on Sundays that is currently on Hiatus till further notice. I also play a game on Thursdays as well on western time. If there's room i'd love to play. I am familiar with the rules of pathfinder and different play styles but i am completely new to roll20 system. My sunday group plays on another program. My available times are any day except thursday nights. I am central time zone.
I'm interested, will fill any role if there's a spot open. I'm up for any AP except RotRL since I'm in a RotRL game already.
I'm interested as well, just recently started in Pathfinder but played alot of D&D 3.5. I can play any weekday after 7:30 EST or any time on weekends with a little advance notice. But if this becomes a regular scheduled affair I should have no issues about keeping a consistent time.
This still up? I have a friend and myself who are interested. Skype is Redtape with the same avatar.