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Pathfinder skills script

Samuel Penn
KS Backer
I've been fiddling with ways to avoid opening the character sheet during a game, and I've been looking at ways to roll a large number of skills simultaneously with a single button click. I tried macros, but they didn't quite do what I wanted, so now I've written a script which does just what I want. Script: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Features: Takes a list of skills, and rolls each of them at once. Uses a single d20 roll for all &nbsp;the skills. Generally I'm only actually interested in one skill, and I don't want distractions because the Bluff check rolled a natural 20, and the Diplomacy check rolled a natural 1. If you rolled well, you rolled well on all of them. Skills that require training which the character has no ranks in aren't displayed. Specialised skills such as Craft, Perform, Lore etc can be specified in a generic way. Attributes can be rolled as well. Handles 'Take 10' and 'Take 20'. Does a whisper if the GM is rolling, or a public chat message if a player is. An example macro: !skills Social-Skills @{selected|token_id} [[d20]] %Charisma,Bluff,Diplomacy,Handle-Animal,Intimidate,Sense-Motive,Perform* This gives a title of "Social Skills", passes the result of a d20 roll (which is applied to every skill), and shows the results for a Charisma attribute check, and the skills Bluff, Diplomacy etc. It also outputs all the Perform &nbsp;skills the character knows. If you pass [[10]] or [[20]] instead of [[d20]], then you can simulate a Take 10/Take 20 check. Or you can have the player select at run time: !skills Social-Skills @{selected|token_id} [[?{Roll|d20,d20|Take 10,10|Take 20,20}]] %Charisma,Bluff,Diplomacy,Handle-Animal,Intimidate,Sense-Motive,Perform* Any skill starting with '%' is treated as an attribute, and any ending in '*' will be treated as a repeating skill. If a skill has zero ranks in it, then it'll be hidden if the Requires Training flag is enabled on that skill. For my game, I've set up a number of macros which group together attributes, knowledge skills, movement skills, rogue skills, social skills and expert skills, so I have a small number of macros which can roll everything. There's probably a better way of doing some of this. Notably, I don't like the way the roll itself is passed in (I could use randomInteger, but this way makes use of the Quantum Roll server). It's had no QA (or even code review), but if anyone wants to use it, or has comments on how to improve it, then feel free. Sam.
Pretty sure you can't take 10/20 on knowledge's or social checks like Bluff. (looks like Pathfinder, so I'm assuming) When listing your skills in the macro aspect, are you pulling the&nbsp; values from the PF character sheet?&nbsp; If so, are you just getting the ranks, the total score, misc/item/trait/etc values as well?
Samuel Penn
KS Backer
Just been looking this up, and it doesn't seem to be actually specified that you can't take 10/20 on these skills (there's a thread on the Paizo forums where the consensus seems to be that it's implied that Knowledge checks can't be take 10'd/20'd, but it isn't unambiguously stated). Personally, I might allow it in some cases (you've spent all day practising your lie, or have a couple of days to go through all your notes on a topic). In regards to the skill values, I'm using the modified values, so conditions such as negative levels or sickened conditions should be applied correctly. Specifically, I'm reading the @{Climb} or @{Diplomacy} attributes, which have everything summed in. On double checking this, I've just noticed that attribute values (@{STR-mod} etc) aren't modified by conditions, so I need to fix this.

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chris b.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Some classes can take 10 / 20 even when normal characters can't. I think Investigator, and maybe even Bard .. but can't recall. The sheet should be modifying STR-mod and DEX-mod for fatigue/exhausted, and DEX-mod for Grappled and Entangled. &nbsp;There are no mods for "pinned" "cowering" "helpless" since . i figured though it says "lose dex modifier" i thought you're not going to be rolling a physical check in the first place. But general ability and skill checks are modified by @{checks-cond} which I applied to both (because I couldn't find any instances of conditions that affect skill or ability checks but not both) .(Of course those updates are done in a sheetworker so the sheet has to be open when setting the condition.) IDK when we'll see the API to Sheetworker bridge code ready so the sheet won't have to be opened. I know there are a few methods built but I'm not sure how close to done it is. I didn't want to start on that until Riley was done with the code.
This is much better than what I have come up using a macro that rolls a D20 for each skill. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to using this.
Samuel Penn
KS Backer
Updated to apply @{check-cond} to attribute checks, so they should get the right penalties now. Also restructured the directory layout in the Git repository, to follow the structure recommended for API scripts a bit better. At some point I'll need to look into having this listed automatically. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>