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Picked up two more Traveller Mongoose books. I've taken a quick look at them and they seem pretty plug and play, but read and use at your own risk. Book 10: Cosmopolite : Gives Citizens the same treatments that Mercenary, Psion, et al. give other careers. Should be of particular interest for researchers and inventors. Special Supplement 4: Rescue Ops : Presents Healer and Rescuer careers and special rules for, you guessed it, rescue ops. Enjoy!
Dang I've been looking for something like this
OOhhhh ... rescue ops. Thunerbirds are GO!

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T5 Deck Plans
I would have liked to have had that option when I was creating Taroon.
Gimmielots said: I would have liked to have had that option when I was creating Taroon. Sorry. The link was here, but it had gotten pushed way down into the bowels of the Forum.
We love you just the way you are T'roon.
This is a link to the Google Sheets workbook I've put together for  Trade & Commerce . It's not complete, but I don't believe there are any errors, bugs or other issues. If you find some, let me know. The link goes to the workbook that I'm working with, so you won't have editing privileges. I have to be able to leave specific input and such in place and I'd be all buggered up if it were lost or changed.  Feel free to make a copy for yourself if you want it play with it. The Purchase and Sales DM's tabs at the end are a good place to get an idea of why we take the routes that we do, generally speaking. You'll see the DM's for the purchase and sale of each commodity. Color-coded, because I'm anal that way. When plotting our Jump Path, I use the Trade & Commerce tool to figure out the most profitable route, trying to hit successive systems that need what one another have to sell. I would be very pleased if people took an interest in this part of the game and want to discuss it in the forum, chat or voice.