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New to building campaigns using 5E, not sure how the scripts compare.

So this is a weird topic, but whatever. I am very used to setting up Pathfinder campaigns, it's simple and straightfowards since there's a plain-text online SRD of monster statblocks, and a simple script I can import those statblocks into a new character entry, populated with token-action macros for all it's attacks, skills, and other rolls. 5E has...none of this. Not even the remote ability to function like this, as far as I can tell. There's no place to get statblocks from except the Compendium, but those aren't formatted properly, and the only sheet that supports an importing script doesn't do token actions, so I still have to have Character Sheet windows cluttering my view. Am I missing something here?

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You are indeed missing something. The  5E Shaped Companion script does Token action creation from character sheet actions Import from statblock Import from database (if you have the correct data, -> PM) Spell import from database (as above) (not a feature of the script, but of the sheet, and unnecessary with the above, but still worth mentioning) drag&drop from SRD It has all the comforts you could want.
Scott C.
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Yep, the 5e setup is pretty much the dream for pathfinder.
Also the OGL sheets, you can drag and drop from the SRD. In addition, you can make default token macros for the OGL. %{selected|npc_init} etc.