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[ LFG ] Wednesday game 8EST / 0100UK

Looking for a Wednesday game for around 1AM UK time, an hour later or 90 minutes earlier either side works perfectly. I'm a night owl and my work ends around 23:00 in the evening UK time, so I tend to fit in games after that. The one game I'm avoiding completely is D&D 5th edition, I do not want. This goes double for Chronicles of Darkness ( or NWOD ). I'm seeking other D20 games though and I find myself quite fond of classic world of darkness. I'm not afraid to play horror, adult or slice of life - the goal is fun. I've had extraordinary bad luck this year with my GM's as out of the 34? Weeks of the year I've maybe had 10 games when it comes to Wednesdays. So if you're looking for a player or have a group who are after similiar things, contact me via PM or this thread. I'm not looking to GM as I already run a game in the week and that one is quite full. Thank you for reading.
Still looking.
I'm still looking.
Would very much like to get myself a Wed game for 'tonight' or next week.
Been two days or so, still looking for my Wednesdays to be booked up. Thank you MattBx8 for the buffy invite, but I'm looking for Weekly - not Fortnightly. (( He has a spot open, look him up in LFG ))
I'll bump this one more time ( marking it as a week of making sure it stayed front page, as I am still searching )