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Ideas from our first night with roll20

We're a 4E group (gladly) moving from Wizards' VT. Some things that came up in play tonight: - Journal: it'd be nice if the party could keep a collective journal to track notes/xp/gp/item gains across sessions. - Token labels, but I see that's coming up next - We'd like to be able to edit the tokens more. I would like to be able to assign an new value to the token, give it a name (Armor Class) and assign it a value. - Status effects: this is clutch for 4E with all it's status effect accounting. The menu of colored dots that can be put on your character is a great idea, but what'd make it spectacular is if we can assign a name (and later change the name assigned) to the dot when we assign it. - Token UI: Although I don't dislike the little icons (green heart, blue lightning bolt, etc.) that accompany the value circles on the tokens, I think it'd be more useful to have mouseover popups appear with the name of the value being tracked (especially if you allow us to expand the number of values tracked). Similarly, if we mouse over the token (not the value circles) it'd be nice to have a popup give us the current values assigned to that character (health, action points, healing surges, etc.) as well as any status effects currently on the character. Now that that's out of the way, we were all really pleased at the low effort required to get going tonight after months of playing on the WotC VT, and honestly, I think it went faster than on the VT. Kudos, and keep up the good work.
In regards to a party journal, what you could maybe do is create a 'new character' called "Party Journal" (or similar) give all players control of it and put it in all their journals so they can edit it. Alternatively, create a googledoc (or similar) and add the link to the Journal Character. Just a couple of ideas in the meantime :)
I would really REALLY like to see journals