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LFG Play today? AD&D 2E game (afternoon USA, evening GMT). We have 2 Warriors, 2 Mages, we could use 1 Rogue, 1 Specialty Priest or Cleric

Forum Champion
Reply here to possibly play 2E starting today  (Tuesday or maybe Thursday this week) AD&D 2nd Edition with some customization, options, homebrew world setting, ascending AC. The tone of the game is high magic, high fantasy, and the PC's are neutral or good, going against evil forces. It is an epic long-term campaign, that is currently on a good-old-dungeon-crawl chapter of the game. Game is on Tuesdays. We also run a game on Thursdays if that would be better for you. W e are playing TODAY with openings for new Player(s) to join the game Tuesday August 16. Might also be open on Thursday Aug 18. Game Start Time is 2:05 PM Central USA time today. This equals about 7PM GMT / UK. We'll play D&D for about 4 hours.  We use Roll20 maps and Discord voice (you need a mic), no video webcam. We are playing the current adventure in a dungeon created by my Co-GM, in a world created by me. Monsters, puzzles, riddles, traps, treasure. Roleplaying, story, character development. You'll start at 20,000 XP (Level depends on the Class, around 5th level or so). We have 1-2 Mages and 2 Fighter-types in the party for today's game. We could use 1 Rogue PC (Bard Or Thief) or a Specialty Priest PC (or Cleric who has Turn Undead) the most. You can possibly roll a new PC today, or control an existing Character that the original Player isn't playing today. Observers/Spectators are also invited. 1. If interested, please reply and say why you want to play this? Have you been looking for a game, and what kind? 2. Would you be available to join today and play at the stated times? If you enjoy the game, would you be available to play every Tuesday at the same time range? Would Thursday be better for you than Tuesdays? 3. What is your background, if any, with D&D or roleplaying games in general? Thanks for checking out this LFG listing. Happy adventures, everybody!
I would play in either game, I know it's close to 4 hours after start time today.  I remember the high school days of 2e, and miss it.  I'll roll a Thief, as that was my class in High School, and see what happens.