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Character sheet problem

Hello I have 5 players in my campaign. I am creating my players' characters and for some reason, one of them doesn't appear in Journal Edit Character "In Player's Journal" and "the Can Be Edited & Controlled By"... Any explanation ? Operating System Apple Mac OS X 10.6 Intel Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 Web Browser Firefox 14.0.1 Browser Size 1920 x 946 Color Depth 24 Javascript Yes Flash Version 11.5.502 Cookies Yes User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; rv:14.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/14.0.1 Support
Can't attribute a token either to a missing player (he's not connected yet) but I can see him in the list of players members.
Solved once the player joined in for some reason.
Forum Champion
The list of Players on the campaign start page is separate from what the campaign itself keeps track of. In order for you to assign things to a player in a campaign that person must actually enter the campaign, not just visit the start page. This is not a bug. :) Hope that helps. - Gauss
Thanks Gauss. Don't know because other players who never entered the campaign could be seen in the Character sheets and tokens attribution. I had to kick out the player, then invite him again. I think he joined the game from his Ipad first and then joined from his PC, it may explain partially the problem. Ah well, nevermind. On the other hand, we encountered big problems with the 3D Dice. We were only two online (I was showing him the interface and rolling his character). The 3D Dice were slow to appear, results were shown in the chat box with huge delay and very often did not show at all. A few dice "ran off the table". The gamer also lost the video/sound canal during the game. We assumed it was because his PC system was very far from being clean or my DSL connection was slow but it worried me for the future game (5-6 players ahead). I finally cancelled the 3D Dice option which is not proving to be convenient at all from my point of view. I'll connect with another player tonight and make new tests. Can't wait playing my B2 Module nevertheless !
Regarding the lag with the dice, if you're using Chrome, go to chrome://flags and look for enable gpu override or something to that effect. Enable it and try the 3D dice again.
Nope, using Firefox on basic Imac. Could be any of the 2 computers I guess.
Firefox has something similar to the gpu override that chrome does, but I don't recall how to enable it at the moment. You could google firefox hardware accelerator and it would probably tell you.
yep, thanks will check that.
Maybe update it in 17.0.1 version.
New test made today with second player (only him and me connected). Almost everything went smoothly, including 3D Dice which tend to prove that it was due to my player's PC config. On the other hand, Video and sound were hard to handle. Video freezing sometimes and especially Sound being cut off very often. Video and Sound not satisfying at all :-( Not sure what was wrong. We assumed it was insufficient debit connection but we cannot do anything about it... :-/
Forum Champion
Tokbox is known to be poor quality. This is why Roll20 is moving towards WebRTC. However, WebRTC requires Chrome and is really new. My group uses Skype for voice chat. - Gauss
We'll try again through Google+ Hangouts next time. If it doesn't work any better we'll try Chrome WebRTC and then in last resort Voice only external stuff such as skype or teamspeak kind of software. The fact that we are all based in France may explain some difficulties encountered regarding video/sound ?
Kristin C.
Roll20 Team
I doubt location really plays a factor regarding TokBox. It's just very unreliable software. Plenty of people in the States can't get it to work either (myself included). Google+ Hangouts has a much better track record. It requires some refreshes here and there when Roll20 starts to lag behind. Beyond that, I have very few problems with it. Chrome's WebRTC, is brand spanking new HTML5 tech added to Chrome's browser. It's still in the experimental phase. Essentially, you throw the switch to activate Chrome's WebRTC and it'll either work or not on your computer. We presently don't have the ability to troubleshoot much for it yet, but we have it in place once Chrome really fine tunes it.
The character rolling session I had with a single player through Google+ hangouts went good. Looks like the solution (though we still encountered some video cuts but no problems regarding sound and quitting and reconnected made the player able to join again).
Forum Champion
I am happy to hear that Redwind. Just make sure you refresh every couple hrs or so with Google+. When combined with Roll20 there can be a lag problem that will get worse slowly over time. - Gauss
Ok, I'm not familiar with Google+, what do you mean by "refresh" ?
Kristin C.
Roll20 Team
Gauss means that you should refresh/reload your browser page. This will force your hangout to reboot and clean up any memory/lag issues that compound over the course of a session.
Ok. Thanks
Forum Champion
What Kristin said. :) - Gauss
New test yesterday evening. Everything went smoothly except 3D Dice. For some reason, after two rolls, results were not showing up anymore in the chat window. We finally decided to give up the 3D option. We were using Google+ Hangouts, I was on Imac, OS X and Firefox 17.0.1. Not a big issue, 3D Dice is nice but we can easily cope without it, as it's more a graphical gadget imho :-)
Forum Champion
3D is a physics generator rather a random number generator. However, it is still considered experimental and can have problems. - Gauss