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Player looking for PTU, L5R, W40k or MHR

Hi, I'm looking for a group to play any of my listed games. I have taken a break from DM'ing, and want to try out a few different systems, hoping to find a game to join. My timezone is GMT+2, and I can play after working hours my time, sometimes before, and in any day except fridays. PTU - Pokemon Tabletop United. I have no experience with this game whatsoever, but I'd like to try it out. I haven't played anything other than the first two generations, which is where I stopped, and barely know anything about the pokemon from third generation and onward. (a keychain pokémon, seriously?) L5R - Legend of Five Rings. I have played this once, but I did get a good grip about the rules of the game. I am decently aware of the mannerisms of a samurai too, altough I know next to nothing about the in-game lore and history of Rokugan. W40k - I know there's a whole bunch of Warhammer 40k games, from rogue trader to only war, into a warp portal and back full circle to rogue trader again. I haven't played them, but I'd like to give it a try. I have no preference as to which of the games I'd want to play, altough it is to my understanding that the books are divided by classes, for some reason? Not sure why you can't have a space marine and a guardsman in the same group... Other than balancing issues, but screw that. MHR - Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game. The newest (I think?) game by margaretweis, and NOT the FASERIP system. I know this game very well and have DM'd it several times. I'd like to try this not as a DM for once.
If you find anyone running WH40k - Dark Heresy 2e I would be interested in joining you guys, especially since I'm failing to find groups!
Well, sure xD
I'm just gonna sneak a lil' bump in here, in the hopes of finding a group
I'll just try for one more bump

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Still looking for those games. I have been silently stalking the forums, in hope of finding an unattentive, newborn thread with it's guard down so I could pounce, but alas, I have gone hungry... (that metaphor got away from me somewhere in the middle)
This doesn't count as spamming, does it? Every 3'rd day? Either case, this'll probably be the last time I try
Oh yes, I have played MHR on roll20 several times. There isn't too big of a trick to it, I use the 'damage counters' (red, green & blue circles) to record a character's physical, mental & emotional stress, from 4 to 12 (as the die). I write on the top of the scene what the current Doom Pool is. Basically, I just write 'Doom Pool', and then I put down picture-tokens of the correct die, from d4 to d12, to build my Doom Pool. Similarly to that, I also write up the character names, and after their names I put out some sort of marker that corresponds to their PP. That's pretty much it. the rolling isn't all that cumbersome to me or my players, we simply write /r 2d10+d8+2d6 or something similar, depending on what we should roll. Altough a macro could likely be made for that, but I am worthless when it comes to macros
Well, my favourite type of MHR game is one with custom characters, living in a marvel universe. And I much prefer own games, rather than event books.
For me right now, I can play any day except fridays on the evenings. And while I do enjoy playing as wolvering or spiderman or such as well, I do kinda enjoy being the 'no-name' little unknown guy that nobody knows aboutxD. Sidenote, if you're interested, I did make a different system for making custom characters and their powers. I was never to keen in the way you do it by the book.

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I'd love to sign up aswell for MHR ^^.. I've played abit, mostly in the games Dart's run. but I'm really interested in the Comic Book hero setting, preferably with custom heroes :P.. I'm not sure what weekends I can play, but I think it would only work sundays for me as it looks right now. I'll come back and confirm that when I've double checked ^^' Edit: Got Confirmation, that Sunday is the only day I would've been able to play if it's weekends