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Mini-Update 8/26: Character Vault Permission Changes


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Riley D.
Roll20 Team
Hey all, Today we've rolled out an update which changes the way that the Character Vault feature works. Previously, you had to be a Plus or Pro subscriber to use the Vault system at all -- even if you were the player in a game where the GM was a subscriber.&nbsp;Starting today, we are making a change that opens up the use of the Character Vault to many more Roll20 Users. Now, the Vault feature is open to everyone to access and import their Characters into, including users without a subscription. So getting your Character into your Vault is just a matter of going to the tool and using it. When you're ready to take a Character out of your vault and use it in a game, whether or not you can do so will be driven by the Vault Access Level for the game you want to export the Character into. Limited Vault: This is the default level, and the level that all games created by users without a subscription will have. With this level, the system continues to function as it does today, meaning that you must be a Plus or Pro subscriber to export your Character into the game.&nbsp; All Access Vault: This is the premium level. All games created by users with a Plus or Pro subscription will have this level of access. With this level, anyone (including free users) can export their Characters into the game (provided that the GM has given them permission to do so in the Game Settings page). In addition to the above, games which are created based on select Modules from the Marketplace (such as Mine of Phandelver, Storm King's Thunder, and other paid modules) will have the All Access level unlocked as well. So even if you don't have a subscription, if you buy a module and use it to make a game, you (and your players) will be able to put Characters into that game. This allows you (for example) to take your Phandelver PCs and put them in your Storm King's game to continue your journey together. So, just to recap: Pro and Plus Subscribers &nbsp;can continue to export Characters into any game, just like today. In addition, players in your games can now export their Characters into your games even if they don't have a subscription. Non-subscribers Can now export Characters into games where the game creator has a subscription. In addition, if you create a game based on a paid Module, you and your players can export Characters into that game as well. This is all explained in more detail on the updated Wiki page: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Thanks! EDIT: We also just fixed a bug where when you export a Character from the Vault into a game, it would cause the Default Token of the Character to no longer be linked to the Character when it was in the new game.&nbsp;
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Super awesome!
Forum Champion
Very nice. It's great to be able to keep a copy of your Characters from past games. &nbsp; The Tavern game I ran for Roll20CON, I allowed anyone who had Vault Access to bring their existing AD&D 2E character into the game (regardless of level or stats... it made for a very diverse party!). The new update will allow any Roll20 user to bring their character next time we run the open-table Tavern-style game.
Forum Champion
This makes a lot of sense! Great update!
Is there any way to make it easier or more apparent how to turn on the character vault for GM's? It's been difficult to explain to noob gm's when playing some one shots, how to turn on the character vault import option.
Forum Champion
SkyCaptainXIII said: It's been difficult to explain to noob gm's when playing some one shots, how to turn on the character vault import option. You could link users to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Oh wow, thank you! This is a great boon!
I really do like the vault, and use it for backup purposes, but I wish I had a way of annotating which campaign the import came from along with the date.&nbsp; Really, a general notes field would just be great period.&nbsp; ^^
Just used this feature. Great to have.
Arthur B
API Scripter
I would love to have at least a tiny bit of additional info, like character level, xp and such. Or, as Aquaricat mentioned, some kind of general notes field.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Pulling the values of specific attributes would be hard to manage for the vault as there isn't a standard for them. &nbsp;However, an API script that kept that information in the character's name would be pretty easy to write.