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Real Rollable Tables question

Is the  Real Rollable Tables script capable of using an Attribute from a character sheet as the Table Name it is rolling on? I'm guessing no, since the description doesn't mention it, but I'm not an expert in the API, Javascript, or pretty much anything related to Roll20.  :-) It would be nice since Dungeon Crawl Classics has a variable Critical Hit Table depending the character type and level, and it would be useful to be able to pull this and use it in a single macro, rather than having 5 different macros to use depending on the character.
Scott C.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Compendium Curator
Since the @{...} would resolve to it's value when the API sees it, it shouldn't be a problem.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
As Scott says, by the time the script sees the command to try and figure out which table to use, the attribute would have already been resolved to its value. The script won't handle it correctly if the value given for the table name is an inline roll (it will try to find the table named something like "$[[0]]"), but simple text will work fine.
Okay, apparently I think better early in the morning than I do in the middle of the afternoon.  It's working fine for me now, but nothing I tried yesterday didn't result in the API crashing, or a syntax error. Thanks for the positive thoughts you were waving in my must have done something.