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Does anyone play on a tablet?

Anyone have advice on how to make the experience better? We're trying to use Roll20 for our regular in person sessions so that if someone can't make the trip they still get to participate. With us all at the table it's easier to use Ipads than to use laptops, but Roll20 doesn't seem to work super well on the Ipad. Are we doing something wrong? Or is there a setting we're supposed to use for tablets? Any pro-tips?

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Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
The ipad or table use is restricted to subscriber level either supporter or mentor. I've used roll20 with my galaxy tab 2 and it worked ok. Mobile use such as tablets and such are still beta but it is improving.
Get a windows 8 tablet. Mine works fine as it needs no silly extra software.
For IPads, do make sure that you are using Safari as your browser since that's the one we've tested and support. Other browsers tend to not work at all or have weird issues. Here's a link to the wiki page for mobile device support as well: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I bet that was the problem, I think they were using Chrome! Thanks for the help guys!