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Interest in Pathfinder game based on AD&D Birthright Setting? OR Help me Home brew a setting!!!

I am experienced with 3.5 DnD, and recently discovered Pathfinder, and fell head over heels in love with it. I always resisted running 3.5, but I think i would like to run a pathfinder game, i have had the idea to have the players help me create the setting...i have some ideas but i think it would be neat to make a communal effort to forge the setting and see what we can come up with, then we will play some games in our new brain child, also could round robin DM this if any one is interested. Or we can use the Birthright 3.5 hacks, port those into Pathfinder and use that system to make our own realms, and toss out the cannon birthright setting...
Apparently there is a port done for this setting into 3.5 already, so then pathfinder isn't that far away...this may be easier than i first guessed. I think i will start working on the races as my next project.
That sounds sweet, I'd be down for it, but my only day that would work would be on Saturdays. I've done a lot of dnd (3.5 and a little 4e) and some pathfinder, even ran as DM a few times.
i cant do saturdays, as i work overnights on the weekends. I have tuesday through Thursday night, and maybe friday morning I may just home brew a setting and run pathfinder on its own...
I really like Pathfinder is my whole point here, and i would like to run the system regardless of what we land on setting wise...
I would feature Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings. Also, half elves, and half dwarves. Halfling and Gnomes can breed with each other to make the Gnomeling. Half Orcs are usually slave stock or subjugated by the Orogs. Orcs and Goblins are slave races and the Orog's are the true threat to the dominion of the Five primary races, but use the orc';s and goblins much like the Drow of the FR, and are known as slavers. The Orog's often ally with ogres, trolls, and evil giants. The Orog's are not stupid brutes, they are the descendents of Orcs and Ogre Magi bloodlines, and live mostly underground. The Dwarves are the ancient enemies of the Orog's, and the Empires of Man, Dwarf, and Elf are united in a peaceful accord that stretches across the continent, with a wasteland of cursed magic and evil at the center of the continent. There are rumors of other lands, but the seas are very inhospitable and the deep purple and blue oceans are wracked with magical storms so there has not been much luck exploring. The Storm at the End of the World has claimed numerous brave souls, and for all purposes cuts off the continent from the out side Quick Half-Dwarf work up Pathfinder – Half Dwarf - +2 Any stat Favored Class: Fighter or Cleric. Adds +1 hp or +1 skill point whenever taking a level in these classes. Strong Legs – Spd of 25 ft that is not modified by encumbrance or armor. +2 to save vs Poison, Spells, and Spell Like Abilities +4 vs Bull Rush and Trip Stonecunning – as Dwarf Adaptability – Free Skill Focus at 1st lvl Weapon Familiarity – Choose one: Battleaxe , Warhammer, or Heavy Pick.
I am leaning towards a straight home brew, with everyone in the game helping the creation of the setting with a few core ideas. I am thinking a medium to high magic world with the above ideas as well
Re-worked the Half -Dwarf Using the ARG - Half-Dwarf Counts as both a Dwarf, and a Human. Medium Size Slow Speed +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int Stability Hardy Stonecunning Sprinter Weapon Familiarity - Battleaxe, Dwarven Racial Weapon Group Darkvision 60 ft Multi-Talented Half Dwarves are the result of close economic ties between humans and dwarves. They are very tough and strong, as the retain the dwarf build, but are taller, but the cross breed suffers from reduced overall intelligence. They make superb men at arms, and are still slow like dwarves, but are "dangerously fast over short distances." They are prized as laborers, mercenaries, and gladiators.
Thraxis, I have been playing tabletops for close to 15 years here, started with AD&D in the Forgotten Realms, and moved on to 3rd edition as soon as it released. I'm now avidly into Pathfinder as well. I have DM'd almost every game I've been in ever since I heard about tabletop games. I would be more than willing to play in a re-hashed campaign like this, as either DM or player (I like the round-robin idea, personally). I know next to nothing about Birthright, but I wouldn't mind putting forth some effort into helping this campaign come along into Pathfinder's rule set. I am in California (GMT - 8:00; Pacific time zone) and currently work night shift, but will be transferring into 9 hour days in February. My night shift is Panama, and my off week is ending as of this post, so I will be working Monday-Tuesday then Friday-Sunday this next week. I can discuss scheduling for me more clearly if need be. What were you thinking, ultimately, about the physical features of the world itself? Going off of the old setting's landscapes or starting completely from scratch and making your own maps of the realms? Were you thinking of including these races and racial tendencies into a new world?