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[5e Shaped] Help Making a Macro to Automate Shield Bash/Shove for Shaped Sheet

Hello all- trying to create a single macro that calls two other macros. I am about halfway there but need help. right now I have the Shield bash that automatically runs an athletics query for the person who is doing the action. I have created another macro that doesn't look quite like I want but it has the right numbers being generated. It lets you select a target and then chose either a acrobatics or athletics roll to combat the push. If I put it in freeform it seems to confuse the system- so that the modifiers are wrong for the second macro.  But if I try to have it listed as an option to be selected in text underneath the macro I get the following - No ability was found for %{{Mica Igneous Carborundum|Shoved}
Sheet Author
API Scripter
For the Shield Bash you can replace "Ability Checks" with an athletics check. See <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... For the shoved macro I would instead have an "ability checks" token action on each character. This can be generated via the Shaped Character Sheet Companion Script (since you're a pro) by using "!shaped-abilities --abilityChecks". See <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
I just noticed in the documentation states that the "u sing target does not seem to work fully with repeating sections at the moment when calling macros." Perhaps that is why I have been getting some strange results trying to put a one button macro together
Kryx- you know how you have a saving throw in pink on spells? Is that something I could add to the macro? But as acrobatics and athletics instead of a save?
KS Backer
There are a few ways to to do things really, for the buttons this was covered in the documentation but you want the format [Button Name](~CHARACTER_NAME|MACRO) so something like [DEX save](~mage|shaped_dexterity_saving_throw) But for this set, I would so it something like this The text_big section (can be another section or even just the button put into the freetext section, I just like big text) gives a button that goes to the target and outputs their ability checks which is built into the sheet. This also has the nice display of the bonus each check to see the higher of the two (if enabled on the sheet). So a full output would look like So roll the bash, click the athletics or acrobatics button and click the target, you get the whisper version of their ability checks from the sheet and can see the bonus (so with this one we see that athletics is higher by +1 so normally you would want to roll that, this is just a quick example} and you get the output of the opposed check of the target character. This also contains everything within just the shield bash macro so there is no extra work involved.
Thank you- that works perfectly.&nbsp;