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Macro to query user on which skill to use

So here's what I'm trying to do. I want to use the token selected, then use one macro, which will ask this user which attribute to add to a d20 roll. In the character sheet, I have listed out a number for each skill, such as climb, perception, stealth and in the variable theres a number between 1-20. I'm trying to modify this macro: Attack (Standard) /em ?{Description}[[1d20+?{Modifiers|0}]] to hit [[?{Damage Roll}]] damage But add, token selected command: @{selected|token_name} And instead of asking me for a number or string, ask me which attribute within the char sheet to use. Not sure if I'm being clear or if this is possible.

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Forum Champion
The Query system popup window was not designed to accept Attributes (or Abilities or Macros). If you go into greater detail on why you are trying to use different attributes in one macro I may be able to suggest alternatives. - Gauss
Just to be able to use one macro for all skills. So, select a token and hit a "skill" macro, which then allows me to choose which skill from the char sheet I'd want to use. I've been playing around with it and it seems like Query system only allows for typed in variables.
Forum Champion
I am guessing that this is an attempt to reduce the number of macros in your macro bar? If so, you could type the name of the skill macro in the chat window. Example: #Per (then use autocomplete to finish it to #Perception) - Gauss