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1st edition AD&D sheet has broken macros?

It looks like if you use the roll button on the weapons section, it adds an extra + to each modifier thus nullifying the macro, the attack and damage rolls are 0's every time.  Can someone pop in and fix that?  Or am I making a mistake with the sheet?
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Scott, can you try it with just putting a number (a positive integer) into the field (if it is supposed to be a plus)? You should still be able to put a minius-sign if it is supposed to be a subtraction modifier. It just doesn't like + +, so try putting "1" in the field instead of "+1" and see if it works then.
Oh perfect, I see what I did there.  Thanks!

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Sheet Author
What Gold said. ;-) Here's the default macro-text for attacks Look at  " + @{ToHitBonus}[BON] "  similarly used for the other bonuses as well. /em ATTACK! &{template:attacks} {{name=@{character_name}}} {{subtag=@{WeaponName}}} {{attack1=[[1d20 + @{ToHitBonus}[BON] + @{MagicBonus}[MAG] + ?{To Hit Modifier?|0}[MOD]) ]]}} {{damage1vsSM=[[@{DamageSmallMedium} + @{DmgBonus}[BON] + @{MagicBonus}[MAG] + ?{Damage Modifier?|0}[MOD] ]]}} {{damage1vsL=[[@{DamageLarge} + @{DmgBonus}[BON] + @{MagicBonus}[MAG] + ?{Damage Modifier?|0}[MOD] ]]}} {{WeaponNotes=@{WeaponNotes}}} @{whisper_to-hit} Maybe I'll put a little title text that explains you can leave out " + "for bonuses.  I'm sure your not the first person to experience this.
yeah we had the same problem with the 2e sheet.