I have seen a lot of suggestions related to the jukebox and most are pretty similar, people want to be able to play or upload their own music. Which of course poses the huge risk of copy write infringement. Other have posed the idea of having a VOIP link to a music player, which is complicated but doable. These ideas or suggestions leave one thing out.... profit. So I came up with this great money maker. Marketplace Sound Packs A sound pack, whats that? Sound packs are exactly as they sound. Packaged prerecorded sounds, think about the old CD you would use for Halloween or ambiance track they play at a yoga. They are sound packs, small bite sized tracks of background noise and there are heaps of music producer that would love a new market to be able to sell their product and expand their audience, heck I'm on of those producer myself. This could extend further then simple ambiance tracks and to a broader artist range, effectively you could seemingly create a iTunes scenario filled with sound packs and background music. So just like maps, tiles and tokens, the addition of purchasable sound packs for a members personal library should be available on Roll20