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Heroes of Light [LFP DnD4E]


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Asmodeus is known as the strongest, most cunning of all the Arch-Devils. He seeks Tyranny and Domination over all. He is known as the King of the devils and Lord of the Ninth layer of Hell. However, while trying to gain domination over the Natural world he was cast out, while in the outer realms he was defeated and fell from the upper planes into the void where he can do no harm. As he fell he swore that he would return in two thousand years to claim his dominion, letting the devils and Arch-Devils run free. Most of the Gods didn’t listen to his threat, however Bahamut and Melora took extra precautions to ensure his imprisonment. With many followers they had their mortals craft two gems of great power, one to seal his power away, another to give power to those who fight against him. These two gems were the foci of his eternal banishment. However, time passed on, the mortals lost faith and the story of Asmodeus' Fall fell into legend. No longer faithful to their gods, Bahamut and Melora left the ground dwellers to deal with Asmodeus' threat on their own. Welcome to Heroes of Light We will start in the small castle town of For Tarn, is has been the guardian state of an Ancient Tower. The tower’s purpose has been lost in history, but there are some that understand that it must be watched and guarded. Our heroes will start as students of Sir Arthur, an old retired Wizard and Advisor to the King. He has taken liberty to provide room and board as well as good payment to those willing to humble themselves and learn from a wise elder, most would consider it an honor to be taken in under one of the King Tarn the VI's Advisors. For Tarn is a simple town with a decent castle. King Tarn the VI's family has ruled for many generations. The city is surrounded by mountains and has access to the ocean, which gives them a small fleet. Recent years have shown peace as they have had many wars with their neighboring city Luttonburg. Both Kings came into rule about the same time and peace was natural to both. I have the outline of Act 1 (there will be 4 acts) and have started working on putting it in roll20. Act 1 is estimated to last 5-6 sessions and get us to level 3-4. Yes, we’ll start at level 1, any race, class, feature is acceptable except changelings. (I don’t like them, sorry). -Notes- 3-5 Players Time would have to be in the evening, I’m leaving towards Thurdsay, but would have to talk it over with my wife more. We would play for about 4 hours each week. Still setting up the campaign, is this something anyone would be interested in? Here is an example of one of the battles:
I'm thinking weekly Thursday 5-9pm cst.
Minor note.  I think what you mean is "LFP" rather than "LFG".  LFG implies you need to find a group to play in and are likely not a DM,  LFP implies you need players for a game that already has a DM.  Should help you get more responses.
That is very helpful, thanks so much Gary M.
-bump- Looking for party page <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
I fixed your post title; LFP instead of LFG :) Happy gaming!
-bump- Thanks GenKitty
Still looking for a couple of people
So with 4e's role system, what roles are already filled?

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We have a hexblade (striker) and a bard (leader) so far, one more still setting up his character, but we could use a Defender and a Controller, however we might have a mage (controller) NPC help us out if need be. Edit: We also now have a Druid (controller) So we could use a defender and another striker.