I am going to start a game of Warhammer Risk, and I'm looking for players that are interested in joining. Basically what that is, is a campaign system I wrote, and the closest comparison I can make is Total War: Warhammer, if you've ever played that. In my Risk game, you occupy certain regions, fighting with the other players over total dominance. Your lords and heroes are permanent, and they are both able to gain xp to get stronger, as well as accumulate injuries to grow weaker, or even die. The regions you have can be reinforced with forts, cities and similar things. I have a set of rules for this game if people are interested, but you don't have to read through the whole thing if you're not big into reading. We'll be playing Warhammer 8e rules, with the only real change being that you don't have a 25% point maximum to heroes & lords, since they are permanent. We're using skype to talk and we don't have a set date to play at, we just play the next turn when we all feel like it, basically. Timezone hasn't been a factor yet, but I'm in a european timezone, in case you have strict working hours.