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Game Restore

Is it possible to get my "DCC" game restored from earlier this morning or last night?  I seem to somehow have done something that has completely munged up the layout of the character sheet and I have no idea what I did.
Roll20 Team
We create save states at 4AM Central Time. Would today's 10/10/16 4 AM save state work for you? Or would the one from 10/9/16 be preferred?
Today's will be fine, thanks.
Roll20 Team
Hi Anthony, we rolled back the campaign to when you preferred it (10/10/16 4AM). Let us know if you have any issues.
It did thank you.  I somehow managed to delete one of the <div class=...> lines, which is what was screwing everything up.  It was really hard to see in 2000 lines of code though.  Thanks.