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Security/Gunnery briefing room


Edited 1477057295
* The following is a memo sent to the Captain, Command staff, section Chiefs and members of the board * First of all I wish to express my gratitude. While I take up the task to maintain security with great enthusiasm, I would be feeding you all kok'rok shite if I ever gave you the impression that I wasn't also daunted by the task. Before I take up this position I hope to make two facts clear; One, this crew and this company mean a lot to me. I don't want to get mushy on this point but I do want it to be clear that my actions while working with you all so far have been motivated by a desire to protect and prosper you. You are free to disagree with my assessments and my actions, but I won't allow any to question my affection. While not always apparent, it is absolute. Two, I take the task delegated to me seriously. I am likely to come into sharp conflict with those who don't. There are two reasons why I will be taking up this role with great zeal. The first is the affection mentioned above. The second is that I, along with many of you, have made considerable investments in this vessel and in this company. Any who present themselves as an obstacle to security personnel pose a direct threat to our investments and to the objects of my affection. I will treat such with a maximum level of hostility. I hope to present an outline of the security policies I aim to put in place soon. Until then I hope that you will all feel free to make suggestions and to raise any concerns you may have. Force Cmdr (ret.) Kayleb Groughtok

Edited 1477234964
SECURITY LEVELS Every scentient being within visual range of the ship and onboard will be died and tagged with a security level.  The he primary principle governing the setting of security levels will be that "EVERY QUESTION MARK IS A SECURITY THREAT". Does a new member of the crew poses combat skills? If so where did they get their training? Not willing to divulge that information? Security threat. Security Levels will lie on a spectrum from red through amber and up to green. RED 0 HOSTILE . Beings openly carrying weapons and bringing them to bear, or who are believed to be an immediate threat. Only after being rendered combat ineffective can they be raised to Red One. RED 1 NO PERMISSION . Any being onboard the ship tagged as Red One will be challenged by the ship's computer or security personnel and escorted to the brigg. Any resistance to this challenge will cause the tagged individual to be dropped to Red Zero. Crew confined to quaters will be tagged as Red One B. As above but are restricted to their designated stateroom rather than the brig. AMBER 0 PERMISSION GRANTED . Individuals under Amber Zero are permitted to move freely between their designated stateroom and the passenger common area. They are also allowed limited access to shuttle and vehicle bays when embarking or disembarking. Moving into any other part of the ship cause security level to drop to Red One immediately. AMBER 1 CREW ACCESS . Crew members may move freely between their designated stateroom, the crew common area, and the section onboard the ship where they carry out the duties listed in their employment portfolio. They may also enter other working sections of the ship if granted permission by the crew chief of the section in question. In a state of alert personnel tagged as Amber One may enter any part of the ship if carrying out their duty requires it. AMBER 2 SECURITY ACCESS . Security personnel may move freely onboard the ship when carrying out their duties as security personnel. When not on duty access is restricted as per Amber One. GREEN 0 OFFICER ACCESS . Unrestricted access to all sections when carrying out their duty. GREEN ALPHA CAPTAIN ACCESS . Unrestrictd access.
Where do us Barettes fall under, along with shareholders and board members. 
Nice work, Kayleb. I'd like some fairly concrete regs about weapons and such, as well. Once we've started getting a deck plan together, I imagine we'll also want to designate specific areas with those levels.

Edited 1476202662
You would have access to the barbettes if you're on the gunnery crew roster.  Unless shareholders or board members are also members of the crew, they would be treated as passengers and tagged as Amber Zero. This is mostly in the interest of their safety.
"This is gonna take some gettin' used to, I'm guessin'.  Surin' going back to Infighting classes.  Take mah guns, take mah blades, but try to take my teeth and claws - I eat well that night." - Rrounllakhs Vukhikhloeg 
Wolfen said: Nice work, Kayleb. I'd like some fairly concrete regs about weapons and such, as well. Once we've started getting a deck plan together, I imagine we'll also want to designate specific areas with those levels. Weapon regs are next. Preview: side arm only. All other weapons and ordinance locked up and signed out when needed.
Probably should mention that Kayleb needs to be working closely with Charoux and Sebastian to put this all in place. Charoux for the computer system set up and to run security background checks on passengers and and crew. Sebastian to make sure we're ticking all our legal boxes.
Orange: As per Red One, but for targets that the security software has indicated are not a physical threat, or for which a violent confrontation is contra-indicated (wandering pet, crying child, baby in the vents, and so on) Blue: Wildlife Infestation Purple: As per Red Zero, but some sort of NBC hazardous

Edited 1477092732
WEAPON REGULATIONS (Pending Captain's approval ) Regarding weapons carried by crew members, we need to maintain a level of readiness that allows us to engage threats as they arise, while at the same time ensuring safety, accountability and practicality.  General crew .  A sidearm and a melee weapon should be sufficient armament to most combat situations and still allow crew members to carry out their duties unencumbered.  The ships armoury will generally issue a thigh holster with one of the options from the list bellow: Gauss Pistol with two magazines TL12 Stunner with two magazines.  Laser Pistol.  A cutlass can also be obtained from the armory.  You may carry your personal weapon/s while on board the ship, but the limitation of one sidearm and one melee weapon should still be observed. All other personal weapons should be stored in the armoury or in one of the two safe boxes on the ship (bridge and drive deck). Access to your personal weapons is restricted while on board the ship, being lifted only when preparing for a combat mission, during a coded alert, or with special permission from either the Captain or the Security Chief.  Security personnel While on duty, Gun/Sec personnel will bear a long arm. This will be either a gauss rifle or a laser rifle.  At least one member of the security team on duty will be armed with a heavy weapon. This will preferably be a PGMP, but weapons will be issued based on availability and qualifications held by personnel.  Explosives All explosives and explosive ammunition will be stored in the armoury or in armored magazines on the gunnery deck.   Strict count will be kept of all ordinance.  Possessing explosives or explosive ordinance, or knowing of the location of such without informing security personnel, will be considered a serious offense. Regular scans and patrols will be conducted to ensure that no explosive or explosive ordinance exists on board the ship outside designated containment areas. This includes personal luggage, and cargo. Thorough examination of the ships external surfaces will also be undertaken before liftoff and while in orbit (schedule permitting).   Body armour While on duty, personnel should wear either the company apparel or the company issued armoured vacc suit. Other forms of personal protection should not be worn without concessions granted by either the Captain or the Chief of Security. This will usually only be granted when the duties carried out are either enhanced by the wearing certain armor or if the duties require special protection. 
Crow approves. 

Edited 1476559539
Can Jeff just glue a hastily drawn version of whatever our logo is onto his combat armor? Does that count as company suits? Other than that Jeff agrees and Drex says nothing(abstains). EDIT: oops didn't realize that was for the captains approval and not the shareholders or board members. Jeff agrees with the decision and Drex doesn't have an opinion.
Hey if your armour has visilight chameleon then it could probably be programed so that it's colour matches the colour of the company uniform .... whatever that is. Probably should start a new topic about that. 
Got it. Duct taping it onto it for better adhesion. I'll upload a photo to Drawing Thread of what Jeff's pseudo-logo looks like. 

Edited 1477400069
GUNNERY/SECURITY TEAMS TEAM A.  During action stations this team is ready to react to boarding actions and performs counter boarding when required. Members of this team have also been selected based on their weapon and reconnaissancew skills. On the ground they perform high risk search and security sweeps. Each is generally equipped with an armored vacc suit, gauss pistol and laser rifle.  GEORGE CRESTER ( Sharp with both Gauss Rifle/RAM launcher and Laser Rifle. Also good on the PGMP-14 door gun ) DIANA JACKSON ( Excellent scout ) BENJOE GARCIA  ( Cyber goon. Good on the shuttles PGMP-14 door gun ) ASHTER BILLET ( Good with Field Artillery ) RESPONSE TEAM Members of this team were selected because they have either Medical training, Steward experience, or both. Members also posses skills useful in emergency rescue. This team has direct contact with the passengers and is responsible for their personal security needs. This team would generally work under directions from the ship's chief medic.  JEREY UGOTIGA ( fancy man, excellent mechanic. Is in a turret during actions stations - GUN/SEC A ) TEBOR TRGLET ( Ex Marine combat medic ) JANINE GROWNES ( came over from the bridge crew. Sensors, medical and rescue training. Psychologist.) THOM (Piano Man) HOBBS ( Steward/Morale Officer. Ex Marine with decent combat skills. )  GUN/SEC A During action stations members of this team man the energy weapon turrets. Crew members from other departments attached to GUN/SEC to man a turret during action stations are attached to this team. Members of this team have been selected for their gunnery experience and good hand/eye. When not in action stations members of this team are on roster to provide shipboard security. CARSON TANAKA ( sharp recon skills) STERLING UZBEK DIEGO HARRIS ( Also skilled starship pilot) Attached -  JEREY UGOTIGA from Response Team Attached - Claire Hardy from the Bridge Attached - Bill Langdon from Engineering GUN/SEC B  During action stations members of this team man the ordinance turrets or barbettes as required.  Members of this team have been selected for their gunnery experience and high mathematical problem solving skills. When not in action stations members of this team are on roster to provide shipboard security.  NISA GONZAL RACE CAMDEN (Tank jockey from the Army.) NANCEY ANDREWS (Helps with paperwork) ADRIAN GODDARD (one of the best gunners on the roster. Ortillary. ADMIN/STORES Assists with quartermaster and other administrative duties in addition to security.  YALLEY OSMOND (Old Veteran spacehand. Pilot. Good EVA skills.) Attached - Nancey Andrews from GUN/SEC B   (( OOC: Players can feel free to interact with these guys however they like. I figured that TEAM A would be Jeffs crew mainly because they all have laser rifle skills so would engage enemies at a similar range. Diana Jackson is also great at recon so I thought she'd work well with Jeff. I figured that the RESPONSE TEAM Would be working under Taroon if he's keen to have groupies. Nothing is set in stone though .))
Looks good.
Alby, Diana needs to be on a different team than me because she has recon 3 and I have recon 1(+3) so it'd be better for our two good recon people to be on separate teams to cover all bases. 

Edited 1477094979
Good point. Although, you could split your team up however you like if you're keen to cover bases.  Two sets of eyeballs in one place isn't a bad thing either. Either of you are capable of rolling snake eyes when needed to spot something important.  At this point TEAM A is our only "Ground team". IE, actual soldiers who aren't gunners. So there's not really any other team to put her into.  GUN/SEC A & B are mostly gunnery guys who can almost do grunt work, but are better in a turret or left behind to guard the ship when we head off into combat. They're more like security guards than soldiers.  EDIT: Can you think of someone in the response team you wanted to swap D Jackson for? I'd rather not put her in GUN/SEC A or B seeing that she's rubbish in a turret. 
I could take Jerey since if there's something wrong with the robots he can fix em.

Edited 1477168889
Let me fiddle with things and get back to you. While we're on robots, Grobble is also pretty good there. He has Engineering (electronics)-3, Science (Robotics)-2 and Mecanical-2. We have to play a propper introduction between Grobble and Jeff some time.
Alby said: Let me fiddle with things and get back to you. While we're on robots, Grobble is also pretty good there. He has Engineering (electronics)-3, Science (Robotics)-2 and Mecanical-2. We have to play a propper introduction between Grobble and Jeff some time. I believe one or more of the other npc's also have Remote Ops, and at least one or two have Robotics.

Edited 1477194093
... Do we need a special "robot/drone team"? We now have 12 combat/gunner bots and ten probe bots. Also purchased special rescue drones recently right? maybe it would be good if someone organized those? (Jeff)
Jeff has Robot Ops 3, he's very skilled with controlling and ordering around robots. Whenever it's needed Jeff will bring them(like with the Pullers) only then will Jeff use em.
If Team A (Were you shooting for a “The A-Team” joke there?) is on the ground with us, who is defending the ship from Boarding Actions while the gunners are necessarily manning their turrets?
Alby said: ADRIAN GODDARD (one of the best gunners on the roster. Ortillary.) Once the ship has gone through a complete runthrough, and we find an appropriate location, Charoux and Adrian need to go through a few Ortillery drills.

Edited 1477367516
* prays to the gods of Forward Observing and Ortillary that one day we will have an opportunity to make our ortillery dreams come true. Amen * Tenacious Techhunter said: If Team A (Were you shooting for a “The A-Team” joke there?) is on the ground with us, who is defending the ship from Boarding Actions while the gunners are necessarily manning their turrets? Wasn't actually shooting for an A-Team joke actually. I figured that there would be enough for more than one ground team. Turns out there wasn't. Team B never happened. :( GUN/SEC A and B would generally stay onboard the ship to provide security. Those guys aren't grunts, but they can mosh with intruders if needed. If we really need extra meat on the ground we have robots and automated defenses ... and Grobble.
Yes, right, the robots... good enough. :)
* Rrounllakhs will wait until the Security meeting area is clear of all but the Vargr before leaning forward, nearly over the smallish table, "Alright.  Out with it.  What is the deal with these humans?"   The massive Urzaeng will look to Kayleb and Taroon for answers while swigging heavily on his ale-mead.  "Hit me with your best shot and the ante is fifty credits this hand."
* Looks at Taroon, then backat RV * I don't really ... know what he's asking ... or what he's doing... But the recruiting effort seems to have favored humans. Wondering if Artemis is still an "equal opportunity employer"? I guess they gave you and this big fella a job. That's what, two out of how many humans? Hard to count them all now.

Edited 1477441971
Our Astrogator, Seani, is a darrian, as are the first and second officers. And our science officer is a droyne. We've also tried to hire a couple of aslan over time, but they just kind of wandered off.  EDIT (OOC): It's just really hard to get most of the other species into a crew. The aslan have to have their own quarters, and even then there's a good chance they're going to gut a fellow crewman because he wears the wrong color on a Tuesday. The k'kree only travel in herds, hivers drop their larvae all over the place, and, well, we figured that zhodani who applied would have trouble with some of the crew ...
(( And we have a goblin ))
Charoux sends the stewarding staff a memo to stock more catnip, which should prevent additional churn among the Aslan employees.