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Turn Order without Token

Tommy R.
KS Backer
Is there not a way to add a turn order without a token? If not, one should def. be added. Many times, I do not use detailed maps or tokens, but I would love to have an initiative tracker.
I usually use a random token as turn order token, since I'm pretty sure there's no other way. Would like there to be an automatic way to count how many times I rotated through the turn order (once it jumps from lowest to highest number, it increases the counter). It should be able to manually enter a number too since sometimes counting starts at a different number than 1.
It would definitely be useful to be able to insert an ad-hoc line of text in the turn order. You could use it for all sorts of purposes: track effect durations, mark start-of-round, keep track of time, set reminders to do something, etc. In particular it would be VERY useful to be able to have some way of inline editing remaining-duration for effects. In order to maximize flexibility and minimize UI overhead, a simple editable text line (perhaps with macro-evaluations?) would probably be the best first-cut. A GM-only vs. viewable-by-all distinction might be useful as well. Come to think of it... if you could just "Add Turn" for Text drawing elements (rather than that menu item being restricted to tokens only) from the main battle grid area, that would probably be good enough. They're editable, and you can already control their visibility. Bonus points if you make the display text in the Turn Order tracker editable and mirror the text back-and-forth. You can sort of achieve that already using blank tokens, but just allowing text drawing elements to have their turns added directly might be a cleaner solution. It would be fewer clicks and dialog-views to edit that text ad-hoc than it is to edit the name of a token.
ditto this! our group never use tokens so... yeah... turn order without them please?
That would be a wonderful feature indeed.
KS Backer
+1 from me too. Although it's not too much trouble to set up a set of tokens specifically to get entries in the turn order tracker it would be easier if it could all be handled (and remembered) there. Note that as GM you may want to alter the displayed name of a combatant, if the PCs find out more - or if you want to indicate a specific thing about a combatant, so being able to edit the names directly on the tracker would be very helpful.
+1 - this would help with so many things...