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Updating SKT

I purchased the adventure when it first became available on the marketplace, and been enjoying it. Apparently there was in update to fix things, but I get no message to update etc. I've copied the game to see if the copy would be the update but that was not the case. Only by creating a new game do I see the changes. How do I update the existing game?
If you go to your game page (Games dropdown in top menu, then click the graphic for the game you wish), there should be an upgrade button in the general vicinity of the Join/Content/Settings buttons. Sorry I can't be more accurate on the exact location, as my copy is already upgraded.
Yeah that's where i thought it would be, but it's not there. The Join drop down just has "launch google +", Content just has "Chat Archive & external Journal" and setting just has the normal things in drop down... "Copy, API, ect. " this point i think the people who bought it on the prelaunch are stuck with this old version?

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Here is the official Patch Notes thread, I hope this helps, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> "The creator of a game that uses this marketplace content will be notified of the patch being available. The patch can be installed with a single click."
Yeah ive read all that stuff, just no update notification ect. It doesn't even show up in my marketplace purchases...just maps and tokens ive bought. bummer
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Greg, Another mod or member of the Dev team will be along to answer. :)
No "Update" here either -- not sure if I purchased it though before or after the can we tell what "version" of the SKT module we have?
yeah when i click on storm kings thunder in marketplace it says "purchased" and if i click on that and start a new game its the updated one (Dripping caves text gone, no dynamic lighting on the boulders in nightstone ect.) but no way or "update" anywhere on the original game i made when i 1st purchased it, and that is the one with all my players in and things i have modified.
The Aaron
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If you go to your game details page, you should see it now.
Once again Mr. Aaron you rule the interwebs...what was the problem?
The Aaron
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I can't really say, some minor tweaking required by the Devs. &nbsp;I'm just the messenger. =D
So if we don't see that option, we have the latest correct? &nbsp;
if your nightstone map has no dynamic lighting on the rocks and the dripping caves on the gm layer than yes
The Aaron
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Jason the Dungeon Mofo said: So if we don't see that option, we have the latest correct? &nbsp; That's correct.