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Colonel Lloyd Robertson (for New Players)

Colonel Lloyd Robertson was a Player-Character of Bob who is our current Referee.  That is player knowledge. This thread covers Library Data only.  That is, the information in this thread is character knowledgeable if the right sources are sought.  This thread is not exhaustive and can grow as the Artemis Group learns more about the Colonel.  The purpose of this thread is to detail the history and importance of the (late?) Colonel Lloyd Robertson of Mora.  More details can be added if remembered and shared by those player-characters and NPCs who knew him or of him. Colonel Lloyd Robertson was a Human, Imperium Star Marine Colonel from Mora (Mora 3124), (a matriarchal world in Mora subsector). He served in the Fourth Frontier War and was decorated.  Therein he captured and conscripted a Zhodani shuttle pilot to help him extract his platoon of Star Marines after his assigned lift-boat was shot down.  The two remained respectful friends because the Colonel made sure to keep the female pilot from torture and other POW processing.  The two parted ways but supposedly kept in touch as pen-pals. He has become involved with two Zhodani women in his time.  The second was Professor Isis, a Psion and psionics Instructor on Wypoc ( Spinward Marches 2011).  He was the only member of Artemis Mercenary Corps  to extend his hand and allow her to defect from the Imperium Naval Intelligence (Psi-Corps division) at the Institute therein. The Colonel was a patented noble of Mora though he never invoked his title.  He chose instead to ride on his rank as a Star Marine Colonel. Colonel Lloyd Robertson was the one to take a loan to copy-construct a 800dT  Broadsword -class variant Mercenary Cruiser and command it while employed with [AMC]. The Colonel negotiated and undertook merchant and Mercenary Tickets while he was in command of the Ares  and took counsel from the company as needed. The Colonel was The Man  to more than one of the then crew of the Ares .  Some contrasted their Social Standing or Charisma off the Colonel's exploits. It was the Colonel who most earned the ire of Captain Thaddeus Maarg for 'stealing' Professor Isis considered to be a Psi-Corp asset and under confidential consultation. The Artemis Group  parted ways with both Col. Robertson and Prof. Isis on Darrian as he retired very rich after cashing out of the company and settling on Sun Point, a peninsula on a remote coast. It was Colonel Robertson who sent forth Dr. Simone, (later Dr. SIMOne as was revealed) to learn from the crew of the Ares, integrate as a crewperson and eventually self-integrate with the ship itself. A "fission-event" ground-zero on the domicile of Colonel Lloyd Robertson is assumed to have killed him there as well as many Darrians on Sun Point.  The blast was a tactical, battlefield nuclear device of lower yield but potent enough to slay everyone on the peninsula.  DNA on the Colonel's Darrian ID bracelet was found causing the forensics to conclude that the late Colonel was indeed present during the blast. Professor Isis was not killed by the "fission-event" as she claimed to have been running into town, driving the "Colonel's Mid-life Crisis" sports gravcar.  Seeing the blast on the horizon, Isis knew that her lover must have been instantly vaporized.  She contacted the Ares  after the Artemis Group learned of the communications cut-off in an interstellar e-mail sent from the late Colonel.  In the image sent, he is standing before the unit when all goes white and then fuzzy.  In a fit of vengeful rage, she hired the Artemis Group at 35 million Credits for the head of Captain Maarg and the hard-copy texts of psionics instruction looted from Wypoc's INI Psi-Corps "Psionics Institute". Colonel Lloyd Robertson was generally a pragmatic Imperium Human who avoided going "off-mission" at all costs.  This evidenced in missions such as: the Hot & Spicy Tour, Yori Rescue, Sword Worlds engagements, Vargr Corsair encounters, war effort missions from Mora to Glisten and the Siege of Garrison Starport (Tree Sharks Sword Worlder detachment) and attached missions.  He was a shrewd merchant and irritable by illegal attempts to smuggle unwanted cargoes, (see file on six Darrian sextuplet, mind-wiped bodies teleported into the Armory). Colonel Robertson was tolerant of other races and political backgrounds for reasons only he knew.  His crew aboard the Ares  consisted of Imperium Humans, Darrians, Extents Vargr, Sword Worlders and his own placement of Dr. Simone aboard. It is known that the Duchess Delphine Muudashir of Mora and Colonel Lloyd Robertson were more than just friends but to what full extent was known only to the two.  She co-signed the Wypoc Mission. It was the Colonel who initially interviewed future Pilot-Astrogator, Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrgh, into the Artemis Mercenary Corporation [AMC] in 1105. For those who know more, please add more details remembered and those details to be discovered, as needed.  This thread will serve as an ongoing repository for topics relating to Colonel Lloyd Robertson.
Shortly after Gev joined, Charoux joined. While Charoux mustered out with twin laser pistols featuring the Darrian Government Insignia (featuring a secret embedded code identifying it as a “Special Arm” Insignia to those in the know), he didn’t actually know how to use them . It was the Colonel who first taught him to use them, as well as his Vacc Suit training; which was immediately necessary in recovering the “Annic Nova”, a museum-quality starship artifact, which was recovered and sold at auction, in order to fund necessary ship upgrades. Charoux was as supportive of Isis serving Artemis Mercenary Corporation, and then Artemis Security Services, as his professional paranoia allowed. Following the nuclear detonation on Darrian, any additional suspicion on his part was solely a function of his concern over whether or not the woman appearing to be Isis actually was Isis.