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DM LF 2-3 Players for D&D 4e on +8GMT

Hi peeps, I'm currently looking for players for a campaign I will be running on a weekly basis. I have 2-3 spots open, preferring people in my timezone (+8GMT) or close. System: D&D 4e Campaign: Scales of War (Forgotten Realms) Starting Conditions : Level 1 Characters created using PHB1,2 &3, Forgotten Realms, Dragonborn, Teifling, Heros of the forgotten kingdom, heros of the forgotten land and heros of the shadow. (I can provide an offline character building if needed.) When: Sundays 7:00pm +8GMT, Monday 7:00pm +8GMT, Tuesday 7:00pm +8GMT (These are place holders for times I can do, once the group is together we could sort something out). What you need: Team Speak 3, Microphone. You don't need to have played, but it is preferred that you have at least some knowledge of the D&D lore. Please reply to this post or PM me for more info or application Thanks Anthony
Hey this sounds great would love to get in on this im EST but im free allday anytime on weekends and weekday nights
I'm interested, do you have skype? if you do could you please hit me up at aj.camara1 if not then i'll just send you a PM here i guess, or i can hop on TS and we can talk there T.Y. A.J.
Kyle G. said: Hey this sounds great would love to get in on this im EST but im free allday anytime on weekends and weekday nights Hi Kyle, Unfortunately I am holding off slots for anyone within +8GMT atm, by the end of the week if slots are not filled I will be in contact with people outside +8GMT. Thanks you for your time Anthony
Hey Anthony! I'm not +8 (I'm guessing that is Perth?) but i'm +9.5 and could make the times mentioned if that is fine for you. I have played a bit of 4th Ed and have about about 10 books so I have a decent knowledge of the system and I know a little bit of FR lore. I don't have Team Speak 3 or used it before but I will gladly sort that out. If you want any more info let me know and I will PM it. Cheers

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I would love to join, I'm a new player but i know the basics and learn quickly. I'm from Perth, and can play on the days listed and have ts3, skype and a microphone.