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Psychiatrist's Couch

**I thought It'd be funny to roleplay Kayleb's "Mandatory Psychological Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration" sessions. It'd take away too much time to try and do it in game, so the forum seems to be the best place for it.  These could be for different sessions with different shrinks. So either Taroon, or Sebastian or anyone else with Psycology or Medical skills can feel free to ask Kayleb probing questions about his childhood or traumatic combat experiences or his philosophy on life in general. It'd be okay if things overlap a bit. We'll just assume that Kayleb would be answering different questions from different people during different sessions. There is also an NPC or two with psycology skill, so if you're really keen you could puppet that NPC and have a go.** ________________________________________________________________________________ ( Kayleb casually makes his way into the quiet room and takes a seat. He is dressed in the company T-shirt and black cargo pants. ) "Sorry mate, * pops a cigarette into his mouth * do you mind if I smoke? * lights it up * Just quietly, between you and me, I'd be fine if you just ticked the boxes so we can both bet back to doing ... whatever. These MPRSR sessions are rubbish. I mean .... "I actively participate in my rehabilitation" 'n all  ... but ... I'm fine . * Takes a drag * .... Seriously. "

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"Well, Kayleb, I'm sure that's so, but let's just go through the motions, as they say. That way your superior officers are happy, and you and I have the chance to get to know one another. Alright?" *Sebastien smiles. Silently, the Marquis' personal atmospheric conditioner scrubs the cigarette fumes from the air, replacing it with a discrete puff of toffee-scented air-freshener.* "Now, I've read your military records, and of course I've been briefed on why we're having these sessions, but I'd like you to tell me why you're here. Not just why why Captain Crow and the First Mate want to you to attend to these sessions, but why you're putting up with all of this. After all, you have more than enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life. You don't need a job at all, especially one with a company in which you so often find yourself at odds with the management and your co-workers."
MMMMMm security boss is a nut job. Do they give his job to paranoid, xenophobes who have been ordered to see "Shrink"? i would of thought that a psych eval would be a mandatory pass before getting the job. You know what i mean, the rabid dog has how many bombs.
"Why am I here? Well as far as these sessions go, The "M" in "MPRSR" stands for "Mandatory" ... so ... * shrugs * As for why I " put up with all of this " ... I think you have me all wrong. Coming on board was my salvation in a lot of ways. After the second medical discharge ... I duno. I was just ... drifting I guess? Lost in the woods. That's not the case now. I may not be on a Marine roll anymore, but I can't go back to being a civilian. Being onboard ... once you're a soldier you can't go back. I think that was the Colonel's mistake. He figured he could settle down. Play house. It just doesn't work like that.  As for being "at odds" with bosses and crew, I really don't see it like that at all. I'm on their side all the way. I think that some of them don't understand me ... actually no ... they definitely don't understand me. They can't. But that's okay.They don't need to. * sits back and takes a light puff from his cig * They're perfectly entitled to butt up against me and totally misunderstand my motives. A civilian mindset is incapable of accepting the truths that guide me. And I'm totally fine with that. That probably doesn't answer your question. How about this -  the reason I'm here is not the money. I'm here because this is who I am, and this is where I belong.
*Sebastien taps a few notes into his hand computer." "I see." He pauses for a long moment, just passively watching Kayleb.   "Perhaps you could tell me more about these truths that guide you?"

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Happy to sir... * pauses for a moment, almost as if to say "sure you want to hear this?", then continues. * First undeniable truth is that the vast majority of sentient beings live out their lives primarily focused on themselves. They study, work hard, hunt for romantic partners, all with a goal to improve their own lives. Nothing wrong with this. Entire governments and economic systems are based on this truth. Every "policy", every advertisement, all of it aimed to appeal to people's desire to preserve and improve their own lives. I guess you could say that's the first truth - folks are self centered. Second undeniable truth is that despite this, no matter how hard folks work, or how hard they study, how much money they earn, how many females they bed, it all becomes nothing for us when we die. People build their life like a little house of cards in blissful denial of the indisputable fact that in an instant it will all come crashing down and amount to nothing. Build their little sand castles as if the waves won't wash it all out to sea. They're either in denial when it comes to their own mortality or they rage against it in vain. Not even the Ancients, if you actually believe in them, managed to figure out how to live forever. The undeniable truth of it is that our lives have value to use for as long as we are alive. If we honor the value of life we need to keep it going for as long as possible. So these two truths, that folks care mainly for themselves, and that we are all going to die, lead into the third and - for me - the most important indisputable truth. The vast majority of people enjoy their ability to improve and live out their own lives mainly because there are people who have laid that aside. There are selfless people who value something else as being more important than their own lives. They understand the first two truths, and break out of the first truth while fully embracing the second . The Imperium has existed for more than a thousand years. It has managed to strike a balance between personal freedom and and security, and will continue to exist forever as long as there are people within it who embrace that third truth . Folks can go on fulfilling the first truth and living in denial of the second only because of the third. I think every Imperial citizen has a choice. It doesn't matter how big your pile of money is or how shiny your crown is. In the end we're ants. You can get fat off the sacrifice of others or you can become a part of something that's bigger than you are. Something that is actually significant. That's what I mean about the Colonel's "mistake". For a while there I guess he had embraced that third truth, but toward the end ... Truth is once you embrace it ... once you witness the horror of that third truth ... you can't go back. Nice little villa outside the Imperium, shacked up with a Zho. Didn't exactly work out for him.