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Minimal/General NPC Chat AI

I know AI sounds really difficult, but it's the closest idea I could think of to this idea. I started playing MMO's in 2003 with Everquest. One of the things I liked was that you could say things to different NPCs, and if you said the right word or phrase, they would respond back. That's when I discovered you could get adventures from them by asking/saying the right words or phrases in response to their responses. The way I view this would be a section of the NPC sheet where a GM could enter basic/general phrases the NPC might respond with in text chat when specific words are said. Example: I have the NPC Tina the Barmaid.  One of my players logs in early before the game begins, and in the text chat says, "Well met, Tina, could I have something to drink?" Tina's sheet has her looking for the word [drinks] or [well met]. When they are in chat, she responds. "Well met, (character name) what would you like?" That turns it back to the player to consider. He is playing Alevar the Elven Archer and decides he would like wine. "I'll have a goblet of your finest wine, m'lady." Tina is also looking for the words [beer] [ale] [water] and [wine]. This prompts her to say "Coming up!" and a few moments later emotes: Tina the barmaid fills a glass with wine and places it on the table before you.
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