I think that's 8 a.m CST for U.S. based people. 12 hour time difference.  We have a few slots (2) for a 5e campaign using Roll20's Storm King's Thunder module, starting at 1st level and hopefully to completion (though we will assess how things are feeling after level 5).  There will be 4 players + 1 DM total. The games will be recorded for a podcast.   Looking for players who are funny, witty, and all around nice people.  Looking for some diversity in the player cast, so specifically looking to recruit a female player or two.  Three of the players are in Thailand, but native english speakers.  Looking for players age 21+.  Experience with 5e not required, but it would be nice if applicants had a fundamental understanding of RPGs in general, and understanding that could easily be acquired with google.  Since there will likely be more interested players than slots available, we're asking folks to complete an application and short interview with current players to get a sense of personalities.  Also, we hope ongoing players will be willing to contribute 2-3 U.S. dollars a month through paypal to help the GM maintain a Pro-membership in Roll20.  Go ahead and shoot me a PM, if your interested.