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Edited 1477661268
Just a post to flesh out Grobble's character. ((work in progress. Will finish soon)) (a photo of young Grobble taken while serving in the IISS (cipher). This is the image that was attached to his job resume.) TERM 1 QUALIFY: Scout (Courier-Ciphers) 9 SKILL: BASIC TRAINING Pilot-0 Astrogation-0 Sensors-0 Navigation-0 Zero G-0 Comms-1 (Cipher rank 1) Streetwise-1 (skill roll) SURVIVE: 9 EVENT: 65 You are involved in a secret black project that must be buried. You are given an extra benefit roll as compensation, but must leave the Scouts. ADVANCE: 10 Rank 2 Messenger 1st Class Linguistics-1 TERM 2 QUALIFY: Navy (Planetary-Crewman) 5 SKILL: BASIC TRAINING Gun-0 Pilot-1 SURVIVE: 9 EVENT: 45 Naval Event > Life Event > Contact ADVANCE: 4 fail. TERM 3 Navy Pilot (shuttle) SKILL: 6 +1 END SURVIVE: 9 EVENT: 56 The people of one world beg for assistance from naval military forces, but you are ordered not to intervene. The peoples’ cause is just, and you can unofficially’ aid them by secretly supporting them with weaponry or intelligence. If you do so, roll Deception 8+. Succeed, and gain an Ally. Fail, and suffer a -4DM to your next Advancement roll. (Failed) ADVANCE: 8-4 fail. TERM 4 Navy Pilot (shuttle) SKILL: 5 Mechanical SURVIVE: 6+1 EVENT: 64 You gain a reputation of going after the easy kill for your own glory, rather than for completing the mission successfully. You may gain one of Gunner or Pilot , but will automatically fail your next Advancement check. ADVANCE: 3 (Quit) TERM 5 Merchant (Free Trader) Trap Pilot SKILL: BASIC TRAINING Persuade-0 Astrogation-1 SURVIVE: 8 EVENT: Life Event > 12 Something Weird > 5 Gov? ADVANCE: 9 Rank 1 "Tramp Hand" Space Science TERM 6 Merchant (Free Trader) Trap Pilot SKILL: 5 Pilot SURVIVE: 11 EVENT: 43 You hear something you were not supposed to after hours on deck. If you keep quiet, gain +1 DM to your next Advancement roll. (Kept it quiet) ADVANCE: 6+1 Rank 2 Comms TERM 7 Merchant (Free Trader) Trap Pilot SKILL: Advocate-1 SURVIVE: 4 Fail. Engineer mistake ruins 2d6x1000 worth of cargo. Pay this and continue in career. EVENT: You are put in temporary charge of the paperwork for the crew. Gain Admin 1, Broker 1 or Computers 1 . (computers) ADVANCE: 6 fail. AGE ROLL: 8 TERM 8 Merchant (Free Trader) Trap Pilot SKILL: Comms SURVIVE: 8 EVENT: 16 Life Event . 9 Travel. +2 to next qualification. ADVANCE: 4 fail. TERM 9 Merchant (Free Trader) Trap Pilot SKILL: Space Science SURVIVE: 8 EVENT: 23 Good word. +1 Social or influence ADVANCE: 6 no. AGE ROLL 8 TERM 10 Merchant (Free Trader) Trap Pilot SKILL: 3 Comms SURVIVE: 3 fail. Your ship is caught carrying illegal cargo. Dump it and gain an Ally in law enforcement, deliver it and gain an Ally in a smuggler’s ring . (smuggler) TERM 11 Smuggler (Blockade Runner) QUALIFY: 6 -3 +2 +1 SKILL: Basic Training Deception-0. Pilot SURVIVE: 8 EVENT: Your ship suffers a systems failure as a key component breaks down. Lose any Benefit rolls from this term but gain the smuggler–friendly engineer who repairs it as a Contact. You may also gain Mechanic 1, Engineering (any) 1 , Broker or Computers from his tutelage (Eng) ADVANCE: 7 Engineer AGE 12 TERM 12 Smuggler SKILL: Engineer SURVIVE: 8 EVENT: 54 You smuggle anagathics in for a local noble. Gain him as a Contact . ADVANCE: Rank 2 (+1 benefit) Mechanic (A more recent image of Grobble.)

Edited 1477870444
After going through the cut/paste of his character gen and totaling up his skill levels, Grobble's actual skills are: Pilot-4 Comms-4 Engineering (electronics)-3 Space Science (robotics)-2 Mechanic-2 Computers 1 Astrogation-1 Advocate-1 Streetwise-1 Linguistics-1 Gun-0 Sensors-0 Navigation-0 Zero G-0 Persuade-0 Deception-0 His Mustering out benefits: Scouts: Secret Secret Scout ship Navy: Contact Weapon +1 INT or RETAINER Merchant Weapon Trader +1 SOC Ship Share 2 ship or Ass (?) - will look this up. Not really sure what I rolled here.EDIT Ass = Assistant. Think I'll take the share. Smuggler Ship Share Smug Vessel Smug Vessel +1 INT Grobble's initial stats were 378597 After a few improvements during Character Gen, and then taking a bit hit from aging during Term 12, he ended up with 267799 I had previously forgotten his +2 SOC. Adding that to CHA sheet now. Also noticed that he has to Weapon benefit rolls. Need to figure out which gun skill to boost up to 1
So Grobble's shares should all be converted to Colonial Cruiser shares, and then he can buy into the company!
Well ... Yeah I duno. I had this great plan to be already discussing this with Bob. It was all in the PM that I never actually sent to him. I was actually thinking of paying off the scout/courier or some other vessel and mothballing it somewhere. Will sort something out. 
On a ship this size, there are actually lots of advantages to taking the assistant...
Sebastien's assistant Omudri is from that benefit. There are three choices- Omudri is a Secretarial Assistant, there is also a Buyer/Seller Assistant (provides market knowledge), and a Drone Assistant (your choice of any drone up to 10KCr.).

Edited 1477533076
I really couldn't see how the assistant would be better than a pair of ship shares. If Grobble was a trader maybe it would be handy. I was thinking about the drone but - 10,000cr drone vs 2 ship shares ... The ship shares seem to be the winner there. Will just buy a drone.
Alby said: I really couldn't see how the assistant would be better than a pair of ship shares. If Grobble was a trader maybe it would be handy. I was thinking about the drone but - 10,000cr drone vs 2 ship shares ... The ship shares seem to be the winner there. Will just buy a drone. Yeah, I think that makes the most sense for Grobble.

Edited 1477890668
Oh ... probably should sort Grobbel's weapon out too. He received a weapon when mustering out of the Navy. He received another weapon benefit when mustering out of a different career, but he'll take that as lvl-1 in whatever weapon he received when leaving the Navy. I was thinking a laser pistol. Seemed like a "navy" weapon Grobble's size. Either that or a Snub pistol and take Gun Combat (projectile pistol)-1. Will chew it over and decide by next game. If you've got an opinion about which weapon would be good for grobble let me know. Keep in mind his STR mod is -2, meaning he adds 2 to the recoil or heft of any weapon he uses.
My kids dared me to do this a couple of years ago. Drive through with the Grobble voice. So for anyone who needs a dose of Grobble Click Here.