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Monday Night Pathfinder

Here are the hard facts: Game is @ 5:10pm CST on Mondays for around 4 hours It currently has 4 PCs It is a E6 game The game is already started Set in a home brew universe of my own design the campaign follows the path of the PCs(read sandbox game). The group is morally ambiguous and with good reason. The best way to describe the main civilization is Lawful Evil. The God-King has died after a 200 year rule and with his absence the country has begin to deteriorate. Monsters roam the outskirts of civilization. The previous main stream religion which praised the God-King has begun to falter and cults have started to pop up in countless places. You are the hero or villain, your motivations your own, all that matters is that you rise and grow your strength so that you can claim the God-King's throne and bring the center of civilization back to glory. Whether those who choose to walk beside you see you as a messiah, warlord, or foe depends on you. As a E6 or Epic 6 game your character will not scale past 6th level, instead gaining feats in place of levels. 

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Sweet, been looking for a E6 game. Do you have an Idea of what roles you're looking to fill? Character creation rules?
Not worried about roles, give me whatever character you think would be the most interesting.
<----    Still looking to fill this spot
I would be very interested in joining. I only have Monday/Tuesday off and I've been wanting to do a E6 again.
I really like how they bring an epic feel to the scale of game that they are. Pathfinder gets silly once you get above level 10 so it gives you that adventure without the ridiculous scaling.
Think you can post a character concept and a synopsis as to what your style as a player is?
Human Paladin (Aasimar in non restricted) mercenary by the name of Siiviex. An adolescent male who is tired of seeing his comrades die on him, or live long enough to change for the worse. He takes pride in his skill, enjoys meeting new friends and has a love for food that tastes great frozen/cold. Style as a player? Versatile and adaptive. I have more fun with fill/support roles than the lead star. This character is mechanically intended to be more of a front line melee. I've already built off the persona, each game just takes it a different direction with the facts of the campain > facts of the character.
Can I get char creation guidelines so I can flesh him out? As well as a brief "If I the fat mortal nerd behind the computer were to see your world for 60 seconds, what would be my impression?"