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LF 4-5 players for Pathfinder, Weds/Thurs CST, Home Brew

Here is what I got so far.... Pathfinder rules - Mostly core book, a few things available from APG, and the races will be inspired by an old ADnD setting, called Birthright. The idea is you are Highborn. The Highborn carry a powerful bloodline and are the rulers and leaders of the common people. You are the newest Highborn's to come of age! Core Classes only, there will be customized races and gods forthcoming. Looking for possibly a Thursday game. 20 pt buy - start with two level in 1 class! Max starting gold for your class, plus , 1 Masterwork Melee weapon and 1 Masterwork Ranged Weapon for free. You have to be proficient with it. Also, you may upgrade one armor to masterwork for free, you still pay for the base cost of the armor itself. The setting will be custom. The continent of Domuria, on a world called Euthridia. The Humans came to Domuria from another world, fleeing the destruction of their world, and the wrath of a great and terrible goddess of destruction and greed. The Great Dragons of Euthridia, a council of ancient and well aligned metallic dragons gods, one for each metal, had caused this by accident, and feared the coming of the refugees, and the great disruptions Humans could bring to the world, and feared that Euthridia would come under attack when the Great Mother regained her strength and feasted on the weak humans that ruled the world the Great Dragons has cast her into. The Great Dragons were tasked by their parents, Bahamut and Tiamat, with the running of the world. Their servants would be the Kings on the Mountain, In the Skies, and on the Land. The sons and daughters of Tiamat, were unhappy and selfish, greedy, and petty, as was Tiamat. Demons and treachery ensued, and Bahamut was put into a godslumber. Without a leader, the Great Dragons band together, and undertake a great quest to the heart of the Wastlelands. The Great Dragons had conquered their evil brothers, and even defeated and cast out their Great Mother from the world in a great a furious battle that heralded the beginning of recorded human history on Euthridia. Some five thousand years ago, the Great Dragons ruled Euthridia, and held sway over gods of the Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halfling. The elves worshiped the stars, and not gods, but were the favorite of Bahamut. The Council cast Tiamat, the Great Mother, from Euthridia with help of sleeping Bahamut, The Sleeping Father and the Elves, into another world. The Council held fast in victory. Bahamut sent a great winter to fill the old valleys and lava fields of the Wastelands, the home of Tiamat's great dragon cult. Little did they know, she was tearing the world she was banished to apart. The humans god's furiously fought, but in order to save their charges, they had to escape. The gods of the humans led their people to Euthridia, and approached the Great Dragons in their dimensional throne room, demanding to know of Tiamat, and why she brought her wrath and demonic armies to destroy their world. The Great Dragons agreed that they were in folly, and offered their lives in defense against the destruction of their people. The God of the Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings were brought before the Great Dragons, and told to make peace and room for the refugees, as they must now bear the cost of the great time of peace and plenty they have enjoyed. The Great Dragons then charged all the gods, both human and other wise well aligned to maintain the balance of good in the world and not let the tide of evil come through the gates. The Great Dragons knew their time had come. They had to seal Tiamat away from Euthridia...and it would likely take their lives to do so. Tiamat had by now, taken the world she was cast to, turning it into a shadowy, volcanic wasteland, and the conquered dimension starting sinking into a dimension of hell. The Great Dragons would have to seal the doors from that end. They would leave behind a powerful legacy in the Bloodlines of the Highborn, who still carry the seeds of this ancient act in their veins. if you are interested in exploring the Highborn, and the tales and legends of them still to be written, let me know. Core classes only, 20 pt build.
Races of Domuria - Humans - Anuirean Brecht Jhinsani Rjyurik Vos Dwarf Half-Dwarf Elf Half Elf Halfling
Thraxis, I like what you have here and I am interested, Let me know for sure on a date and time when you can to see if I could join.
What time on Thursdays?
I'm interested in joining :D
I'm interested as well if on thursdays
If i did anything on thursdays, it would be like 7 or 8 PM Central US Standard time, or during the day from like, noon to four...not sure yet.
very interesting setting. i like how characters ideas come to mind as i read about the setting. but as the others ask at what time? i need to see if i can assist. assuming its similar to birthright. i could go for a (Jhinsani= Khinasi?) Wizard English is not my native language. but i think since the race is very foreigner in the setting. it could balance out. edit: those times are hard for me. i am gmt -4 and my best time would be from 7 to 10. on weekdays. weekends are more free.
Do the various varieties of human give you any different bonuses or penalties?
I'd like to join since I have thursdays off. Can newbies join? I've never played Pathfinder before but I hear its a lot like 3.5 DnD
I can do it if it's after 8CST thurs.
@ Iycae, yes there will be, but if you just want a "normal" pathfinder human, it is one who has blended among 2 or more cultures in his ancestry. The custom sub race are designed to be 75-100% pure. Also, the Highborn tend to not have too much blended blood. Half-Elf and Half-Dwarf Highborn are the least common.
I'm completely free on Thursdays, so if that's the day you're playing I'd like to join as well. (I'm not stalking you Dev, I swear! lol)
I'd be interested as well pending times.
Ok, so i am Centrak standard usa time...I work best at night so how about I say Thursdays 8 pm cst til about midnight/as long as we can go of we cant go past midnight that is fine. I am working on the human subraces, as well as fleshing out the mythology i started with. 1st...its only been 3000 years not 5K since all these events transpired. The humans were not guided by their gods to Euthridia, they were led by the five great kings of the original five surviving kingdoms, and the Great Dragons gave them a piece of their divinity, and then cast the rest of it into the world, creating the Highborn. They knew they had to leave their godhood on Euthridia, and they would have to sacrifice themselves to close the doors on Tiamat and her demonic allies. Gods of Domuria - Human Gods Haelyn – Lawful Good – War, Leadership Erik – Neutral – Forests, Hunting Cuiracen – Chaotic Good - Battles, Storms Neserie – Neutral Good - The seas, Grief Ruornil – Neutral - Night, Moon, Magic Sera – Chaotic Neutral – Wealth, Chance, Luck Avani – Lawful Neutral – Sun, Reason, Magic Eleolee – Chaotic Neutral(No Good) – Night, Darkness, Thieves Lhaerme-Chaotic Good – Fire, Love, Art Dwarf Gods - Moradin – Dwarves, Mining, Crafting, Smiths Helena Brightaxe – Healing, Family, Torgar – War, Strength, Discipline Veradagaan – Wealth, Greed, Grudges Xanadin – Death, Afterlife, Earth Element, Nature Elf Gods - Elves do no worship gods. They have a relationship to nature and the stars, and excel in arcane magic, while maintaining a strong druidic tradition. Elven druids draw their power from a divine connection with the nature itself, and do not pray for spells. They must commune with nature in personalized rituals to prepare spells. Some progressive elves have taken to worshiping human gods, and these anomalies are not allowed to promote their faith and often are quietly asked to leave, and not return. Halfling Gods - Brandin – Halflings, War, Protection, Community Carreyannd – Family, Love, Travel, Nature Rollandro – Magic, Illusions, Medicine, Alchemy Meelow Twentyfingers – Rogues, Thieves, Stealth, Conspiracies Other Gods - Elemental - Earth – Torrabragk, The Earth Turtle Fire – Sazazorrrax, The Fire Beetle Water – Naeyadorra, The Water Horse Air – Whaasii, The Wind Serpent
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> - Please only join in you can be patient with a new pathfinder GM. Just new to pathfinder, not GMing. Also, Thursday is the day. Time is still not 100% nailed down. I think i can do either noon to 4pm, or 8pm to midnight/later...If you do join, please post in the campaign discussion these vital pieces of info 1. Which of those two time options you would prefer. 2. What races and classed are you interested in. Using ONLY core book classes. The crunch for the races should be finished by monday/teusday. I have posted the first human subrace, the Anuireans, in the campaign discussion. Please list you top two class choices. 3. Experience level with RGP's in general. Thanks. Please post this info after clicking the link. Thanks!
Hi, that link is giving me a 404 error when I click it. I posted a message on your profile as I'm not sure how to PM yet (rather new to roll20, but not RPGs). Thanks.
I also get a 404 from the link.
Talie, Taco, Touch, and Dante are real stand up guys. I have had the pleasure of playing with each of them. Serious players who role play very well but also knows how to have a good time. I would say you would be very lucky to have them in your party. ~Deveraux
Tried link, "not found". Thursdays @ 8:15pm CST and later for me (fully ready to play). I would want to play a human ranger.
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I am still getting the 404 error when trying the link. Did you try launching the campaign first and copying the invite link from there?
no i was using the link from the invite players window... here is direct from in campaign \ <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Link works now. I read the Anuirean subrace briefing, looks good!
I would love to join as well if you'd have me. I tried using the link, but got a "Not Authorized (Incorrect Campaign ID or Access Token)" message. I have Thursday and Wednesday nights off and cam do this any time. 8-12 CST would work great for me. I am a little experienced with Birthright and a lot more experienced with Pathfinder. I can take any role we might be lacking, but I was thinking about an elf wizard.