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My Library Folder Structure Is a Mess

Ever since the upgrade of the library folder system and the move from the dev server to production, all my nested folders also appear in the outer directory.  I have been ignoring this for months. Is there an easy way to repair this or do I need start over...sigh.  Appreciate any assistance anyone can provide. Thanks
Roll20 Team
Unfortunately, there isn't a quick way to fix that beyond manually relocating the folders by hand at this point. My apologies for that. Going forward, if you find something's gone wrong with your campaigns during one of our updates, it's best to give us a report as soon as it happens. It'll be easier to pin down exactly what went wrong and possibly reverse/fix.

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Kristin, Moving the folders does not work. If I move the folders that are in the outer director back to the subordinate file location then I have duplicate folders and assets. If I delete the duplicate folder, then I loose all assets in all folders with the same name. I can't seem to correct this without wiping all my library assets. This folder replication occurred for each level of folder hierarchy that I established. In some cases I have triplicate folders of the same name with the same assets within. I am loosing assets and breaking maps trying to fix this. At this point, I would probably have more luck wiping my entire library and starting over.   When when I try to delete some folders, I get and invalid folder reference.  I believe because, I had already deleted one of the duplicates and lost the assets within.  BTW, I did post right after the migration from dev to production, but I did not receive any response then. There has to be another option, as I still can't delete all the invalid folder references even if i wipe my entire library and break all my maps. Feeling pretty frustrated about potentially loosing hundreds of hours of work, because I decided to organize my library assets to no avail. 

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Roll20 Team
Ah. My apologies. The way I read your original post, it sounded like the folders were merely yanked out to root, not duplicated. Apologies for my confusion there. Can you give me an example folder name and where it 'should' be nested to target in your library? So I know what to look for with your folder structure folder that is nested (the expected location) and also sitting out on the root. Scratch the above. I spoke with one of the other devs about this and we can manually clean the folders from the back-end side. PM me a list of which folders are sitting on root that need to be deleted and we'll fix this for you.