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Rollable Token Tables

Hi, I was looking into using rollable tables for changing tokens which seems like a cool idea. I thought it might be useful for things like druids who shapeshift into beasts. In principle I can have the druid token and other beast tokens in the table and choose between them except whatever token is displayed, it is still linked to the same sheet with the same stats. So does that means it is only useful to change the appearance of a token which retains the same stats? I noticed the same in SKT. Lymrith has a rollable table so you can switch between her giant or dragon form but only the token changes. Even though the sheet states when she shifts she adopts the new forms stats (with some exceptions) you only have 1 set of stats. It seems like it would make more sense to have two sheets for her, one as a dragon, one as a giant, and just simply amend the hp when you switch. What am I missing?
The game seems to have "automated" measures in place for this but also has limitations.  However, I'm old fashioned I just use two separate sheets and two separate tokens.  No reason not too, and all your numbers will be correct.  Too much automation and it isn't necessary to play the game.  
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The rollable token, no matter what side is currently displayed, is still the same in-game object, and this links to the same character sheet, though I'm sure an API script could be used to re-associate the token to a new sheet via a token macro.Maybe tokenmod could be used?
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I use rollable table tokens for one of my players druids, simple use of the tokenMod script and one that changes the 'side' of the rollable token (i forget it's name sorry) allows a quick macro for setting the image AND changing which sheet it is tied to, can even use tokenMod to change the size of the token for when those pesky druids change size as well as shape! For example (3.5e): /em wills herself into the form of a Brown Bear. !token-mod {{ --set represents|@{Lianna (Dire Bear form)|character_id} name|"Lianna (Dire Bear form)" bar1_value|[[@{Lianna (Dire Bear form)|armorclass}]] bar2_link|speed bar3_link|hitpoints bar3_value|[[ {[[@{selected|hitpoints}+@{Lianna Moonshade|level}]], [[@{selected|hitpoints|max}d1]]}kl1 ]] height|140 width|140 light_radius#60 light_dimradius#=60 }} !change-token-img --set 1
There is a script which allows you to change not only the token, but stats associated with it.&nbsp; You still need a separate character sheet for each form.&nbsp; Here's the link to the thread about that script: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Thanks guys, one and all, very helpful :-)
And there is this thread; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
Oi, I know you. Thanks :-)