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[5e Shaped] Help with a Macro


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hello! i dunno if this is the right place to post stuff like this but i am playing a class that has an addition damage to their attacks i am looking to use a macro that when i use a weapon it ask if i would like to add the damage to it and i can add my dice to the attack. any help is great help! i watched videos on macro making but didn't see any for what i wanted. if anyone has videos or youtube i should check out also please add i'd like to learn how to do this on my own. edit: oh i forgot ot define what i wanted, i want the macro to be tied to my weapon macro ex: i attack with a maul and the macro ask if i want to add my extra damage to it i hit yes it rolls my extra damage along with my maul damage.
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Hi Anthony, which sheet/system are you using? Most times it will likely be an easy adjustment to make but depending on the sheet there can be different ways to achieve it :) Check out the  wiki , there are pages dedicated to  macro writing and even  system specific ones as well as others dedicated to some of the  different sheets !
I am using 5E shaped character sheet, and thanks! i'll check them out

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If you want strait up damage added to the damage already there (therefore nicely added) you could make separate weapon attacks or use a query in the damage field such as ?{Extra Damage} and type it in or something like ?{Extra Damage|None,0|AMOUNT,1d6} So the damage field would be 2d6 + ?{One of the above examples} You can also set up buttons to roll the damage in another output but without knowing what you are trying to do with the damage I can't give an example. I did however put a number of common setup's in the shaped sheet documentation and how to set them up. You can find them towards the bottom of the doc as well as more details for setting things up&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
thank you sooo much! that helps a lot i'll take&nbsp; a look at that doc and see what more i can do myself.
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Go to the sheet documentation and look up "attachers". I think that's exactly what you want. It will allow you to attach a trait or ability to all attack actions, for example. This is useful for things like the Rogue's Sneak Attack. Every time you roll attack damage, there will be an additional line at the bottom of your damage output that you can click to activate the extra damage ability. It's a little tricky to set up properly, but may be just what you are looking for. Here is the&nbsp; link to a video demonstrating the process, though the actual code is impossible to read on screen.