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Rise of the Runelords LFP

In search of heroes looking for glory and mercenaries out for gold!  Every Wednesday I will be hosting the module: Rise of the Runelords for pathfinder. I am looking to get two more players to round out my group. A few things to note: 1.) We will be playing on Wednesday's @ 6:00 pm CST 2.) Instead of standard Vancian magic(spell slots) I will be using the Sphere's of Power 3rd party content 3.) As that goes instead of regular pathfinder content I will be using only Sphere's of Power classes and Path of War classes. 4.) My games tend to enjoy a focus on RP  5.) I will be altering a few things about the module, so even if you have played it, come see what I am homebrewing up to give it a new feel
I've never played Pathfinder, how accomodating are you to new players?
That all depends to how comfortable you are with RP :) If you enjoy RP then the rules can be taught
Heya. New to Pathfinder, but it's been a system i've been wanting to try since I picked up the whole DnD Habit. That aside, i've been roleplaying [forums and the such] for roughly a decade,  so i'm not unfamiliar to it as well, and it's preferred whenever I join a campaign. Would love to join if you'd have me, i'm a quick learner. 
May I get in on this? Also how would we be determining stats? And what alignments are permitted?
Very interested in this and I could help you with the new players, been playing pathfinder since it was published and I'm very familiar with roll 20. I enjoy a good game and like a balance of role playing and combat.