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[Request][Script] Traveller RPG - Dice Pairing

In Traveller if you have an automatic weapon with an Auto rating of 2 or higher you get to roll that many dice and each pair counts as an attack which you can allocate however you want. If my Auto rating is 6; I roll 6d6; count matches as successes; each success == an attack. Example : I roll 6d6sd. The result is 665541. This amounts to 2 attacks (66, 55). The 4 and 1 are not counted. This is my work around for now since I can't seem to find any other way of doing it: !power {{ --tokenid|@{selected|token_id} --emote|@{selected|character_name} checks number of attacks from auto fire --format|autopair --name|Auto Pairs --Roll:|~C[[ [NH] [XPND] ?{Auto Rating:| 2,2d6sd | 3,3d6sd | 4,4d6sd | 5,5d6sd | 6,6d6sd} ]]~C~~~ --|Each pair is an attack. ^^^^Auto-fire attacks can be allocated to as many different targets as you have attacks provided all the targets are within six metres of each other. ^^^^Auto-fire attacks cannot benefit from a skill any higher than level 1. Weapon skills of 2 or higher only count as 1 when making auto-fire attacks. ^^^^Auto-fire uses a number of rounds equal to 3 X the Auto rating. }} Chat output: Goal : In the above case, instead of "(5+4+4+2+2+1)=18", I'd like to just display "2 Attacks available. "
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Are there other rolls for Traveller that could be rolled into the same script?
The Aaron said: Are there other rolls for Traveller that could be rolled into the same script? Just thought of one. Degree of success or failure . You have to get >= 8 on a 2d6 + modifiers roll to succeed on something. Anything above 8 is subtracted from 8 and becomes the degree of success. Opposite true for degree of failure. So a roll + mods result of 12 is 4 degrees of success.  The main one for the dice pairing is for automatic weapons. I'd love to be able to incorporate it into my weapons script. If the successes = 2 it'd be nice to auto roll two Attacks w/damage automagically. Maybe set a variable for autoRating such that if autoRating >= 2; do the dice pairing thing; for every pair: do the $Atk + Damage roll per attack? Automatic Weapons Script !power {{ --tokenid|@{selected|token_id}  --emote|@{selected|character_name} uses burst fire! --format|attack --name|Burst --leftsub|Action --rightsub|Gun Combat --Attack:|[[ [$Atk] [NH] 2d6 + @{selected|skilllevel-GunCombat} +  ?{Attack Modifier|-6|-5|-4|-3|-2|-1|0|1|2|3|4|5|6} ]] vs Target --[[ {?{Recoil|-3|-2|-1|0|1|2|3} + 1 - @{selected|mod-Strength}, 0}kh1 &{tracker:-} ]] --**Damage**:[[ ?{Damage Roll | 1d6, [[1d6]] | 2d6, [[2d6]] | 3d6, [[3d6]] | 4d6, [[4d6]] | 5d6, [[5d6]] | 6d6, [[6d6]] } +?{Auto Rating|0|1|2|3|4|5} ]] -- ?? $ >= 8 ?? Success:| **$$#30ff33|Affirmative$$** -- ?? $ <= 7 ?? Success:| **$$#900|Negatory$$** }}