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Dragging characters to play feild


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Is there a quick way to add players from the characters under journal to the map, where it remembers who controls them? When switching maps, I figured out how to can drag the players from the sidebar just fine to have them show up, but each time I cant get stats for the bars to 'stick'. I have to click the character, tell it in the dropdown which character it represents (the player). seems it should know this, since its set on the player I drug it from on the side, plus resetting the 3 stat ring and bars each time. So it gets tedious each time they move from map to map, to drag PC to map, click edit, pick the right player, then pick in the dropdown each of the 3 stat/attribute to show that need to be in the bars, for 6 characters. Its not so much a complicated problem, just tedious and breaks the flow of the game a bit that I need 'setup time' for 5 minutes each time they switch. For random new tokens I can see having to do it, since they are drug over from the art table, and are new unassigned units. But is there a way to make it so the characters underneath the journal 'save' what layout and stats to show, and what user it represents?
I've found it beneficial to have a blank campaign page only for players' tokens where you can make sure that the token linked to the character sheet is fully set up and not going to change. Making sure that you have the token completely linked up with attributes before you add it to the character page is something I still have problems with occasionally, but is an important step. So, assign the token to a character; fill in all of the attributes/get the bars set up correctly; double check it; then link that token to the character in the journal tab. If you make a change on a token without linking that "new" token to the character sheet, you'll just be dragging copies of the old version to the table top.
You probably set the token as default for the character before you linked all of the attributes. Drag the token to the map, link everything, and then select it and on the character sheet, choose "use selected token as default" again. This time, the token has all of those links built in, and it should remember them the next time you drag a character sheet onto the map.

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Oh! that did no even occur to me to try that..makes sense. since I'm reassigning one I setup to them again. I've been doing it the hard way for 3 weeks now..haha thanks guys.
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On a much more detailed instruction list: Create a token for the player and set the "Represents Character?" drop down from the default to whatever character it should correspond to from the character journals. Go to your character journal and open up that specific character journal and go into edit mode. Underneath the character portrait is a place to assign a token to the journal. Make sure the desired Token is selected and choose "Use Selected Token" on the journal. This will link the token with the character journal. If you want to add players to the map simply click and hold onto the character journal and drag it to the tabletop. The assigned token with the appropriate permissions will be placed on the tabletop.