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11/11/16-I am cancelling this Sunday's game for the 13th. Two reasons as to why. I need to get my shit together better as a more functional GM to provide a better experience, I recognize where my being out of practice in that is impacting; but second and more importantly it just seems like the game is losing its fun factor as the original story device of the company element to the game is becoming an overwhelming factor.  I don't know what to do or if there is anything to do, but I think a break to take a step back is in order. I hope this makes sense and you all are understanding. Thanks.
Can we still open up the Sunday session as a meta?
GMs can get rusty, Bob; no biggie. I would guess that it makes more sense to keep plugging at it than to postpone, but if Pakkrat won’t be there, and Wolfen needs some time to evaluate, you might as well. I just ask that you spend some of that time doing some digging into my equipment... we never seem to get around to that at the Meta. ^_^;
PROPOSAL:  At this point with everything I am reading and have heard I am wondering if we should postpone the group to get past holiday season and begin fresh on January 8, 2017 (Sunday).  I think that the monster we created in our company has kinda taken us in a direction that we did not foresee and we should at a minimum take a break especially knowing family life and work end of year is about to encroach. Let me know your thoughts on this. New year=Fresh Start???
I'm happy to roll with whatever works best for everyone else. As for this company being a "monster" - I guess that all depends on your point of view. Personally I love the scale of this game. It's not your regular Traveller game though. The days of doing odd jobs for random patrons is long behind us I'd say. The Athena is built around the idea of huge patrons chartering it to do big jobs. I don't know of any published Traveller adventure that wouldn't break under the weight of this crew. Most adventures are written around the concept of a small group of Traveller's desperate enough to make their next mortgage repayment that they'd take pretty much any job. That's really not us. That's not a bad thing though. It's just a different thing. If we really wanted to trim things down to a more sane level then we could do that too. Either purchase a new ship and create a break away project or roll up new characters and start a totally new game.
We've just past 2 year mark for this campaign and only a few Sunday sessions have been missed. I'd like to keep the Sunday sessions open for meta at least, with the possibility for a game. As far as the scale of the game or wealth of the characters is concerned we need to remember that the characters don't get to decide everything that happens to them. There can be flashbacks and vignettes. Like that time the captain and the young ensign went off in a shuttle together. And there's a lot of old characters in the vault. If you're thinking of GMing, if you have a wild idea, go ahead and do it. I have run crappy games sometimes. Sometimes things go in wildly unplanned directions and you loose all your prep and get lost. In real life all the players have survived and so has the campaign.
I am not sure anything important will have changed between now and the new year. Are there any real arguments about what would change in that time? Either we want to run with the existing game, or we don’t. If we don’t, then we should move forward with what we want to run, rather than remaining idle. If you’ve overestimated your available time, Bob, just let someone know that it’s time for someone else to tap in.
Game for today is still on, Alby... I didn’t find it all that clear either, though...
Oh ... there was a game on today? Damit. Sorry.
With a dash of Jim"s idea, I advocate Bob's idea.  I am not so attached to R.V. and can readily take a holiday break.  A new year would indeed be a fresh start, a clean slate.
Ok. In our tradition I will run games on Sundays for those who show through the holiday season. For now I will not be attending any Wednesday meta sessions.
Bob, if not on Wednesday, when should we address Charoux’s gear?
Due to participation level issues we did not play 12/11/16. We are going to try to make a go of it next Sunday 12/18/16 to see what we can get done since the following Sunday is Christmas. 
Just wanted to confirm that I will online tomorrow (Jan 8th) to run the game as advertised. Hope to see everyone there.
Just a reminder that we are back on a routine Sunday schedule. Also I had some committments pop up locally which is why I have not got back to Alby and Charoux yet.
Well crap. I was just notified that I have to be somewhere tonight for one of the organizations I am committed to locally. I am so sorry for this last minute cancellation but I will not be logging on tonight. This is an anomaly with this group, but I am an officer so priorities go with them.  I will see you all next Sunday. Again, I apologize.