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[Request] Patrol Script - Update


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<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Hello! &nbsp;I just discovered this AMAZING script that does patrols by Matt. &nbsp;Was just curious if he had an update to make a couple of the options easier to edit via the menu (random/phase, for example) and if it would be possible to have different refresh times. &nbsp;For example, I want a guard to only move 5 feet at a time, but I want them to move every 15-30 seconds(I'd love to even randomize how often they move) instead of every 5 seconds. Either way, thank you very much!
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Waypoint Patrol is a great API script, I use it a lot in games. &nbsp;Those options you requested adding to the Menu would be helpful indeed, to be honest I never change the random or phase because there is not a clickable menu option to change them even though it can be programmed to change using parameters. Another upgrade that would be great on this: Add it to One-Click API repository of Roll20. Have you tried PM'ing the author Matt directly in case he is not lurking on the forums?
Yes, when I posted this thread. &nbsp;:D I'd love the one-click repo syncronisity&nbsp;if it were possible! &nbsp;:)
Haven't seen Matt around lately. But yep, it's a great script. :)
Greetings all.&nbsp; Always encouraging to get feedback on scripts! I do have plans to get this into the repository, but I had taken time away from development for real world attention.&nbsp; Before I do that, I do need to finish the menu UI to include some of those options you've identified.&nbsp; And I will look into improving the random movement times as mentioned - think that should be a relatively easy adjustment with the current setup. Bear with me as I get reacquainted with getting back into the swing of things, but this is one of my active development scripts. Again, thank you for the positive comments all!
No worries! &nbsp;Glad you are working on it and I'm glad you are striking a balance between the real world and RPGs. &nbsp;:D
Oooh... another feature to add to the list (if it's even possible). &nbsp;Collision detection, so multiple guards doing the same route at different speeds don't collide into each other. &nbsp;Or collide into bystanders NPCs or PCs. &nbsp;Not certain it can be done, but if it could that'd be awesome. &nbsp;Thank you again for this amazing script! &nbsp;:)
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Duck hunt anyone?