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[LFP] [D&D 5E] Homebrew campaign - Mondays 18h30 EST


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40 years later, you find yourselves on the island where the great battle between the evil sorcerer Mozgoroth and the heroes of the past has happened. The aftermath has left part of the land in horrible state. The forests have become tainted by the sorcerer's blood and killed anyone and everyone who dared pass through them to get to the other side of the island. No contact has been made between both sides since then the battle has emerged. Is there still life on the other side ? Were the elves able to keep the nature alive ? What exactly happened during that battle ? Will you be the one(s) to uncover the secrets of an ancient battle ? We are looking for a few more players to take part in this homebrew adventure. This campaign started of as French, but due to the lack of french canadians on roll20, we have decided to turn it into an English campaign. So, if you are applying here, please be open minded to foreign accents as the DM and at least two other players are french canadians. We currently have a human rogue and a goliath barbarian, both are lvl3. New PCs will start as lvl3 in order to keep up with the encounter level. Rules are the same as the PHB for the most part. Good roleplay and description of your actions is rewarded through exp or game decisions and/or mechanics such as advantage rolls or other bonuses. The rules I use for stats rolling are simply: roll 2 sets of 6 [[4d6k3]] and choose the set you prefer. (Some exceptions may apply, such as rolling really horrible sets.) Games are every Monday night from 18h30 EST to roughly 22-23h EST. Apply in the link below and I will contact you asap ! (Feel free to ask questions by private message or here) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
How many players total would there be?
4-6 players. I would rather have a smaller group of players who show up rather than a large pool of unpredictable people.
Hmm, sounds good. I personally prefer small groups myself. I'll send you a pm to hammer out the specifics.&nbsp;