Miro x Ariyah 19 of Calistril after the Worm Battle

     Miro walks up to Ariyah his eyes red with the strain of fighting back his tears.  He looks up to her his face stern and qivering.  He draws her cloak closer to him ever coniencious of his appearance.  "Ariyah we must speak.  If you have a moment then I beg your attention." .... he turns and looks to Gulo and the others.  "Alone howeva."
She looks at the distraught hero and smiles. "Of course Miro. I can mend these while we speak. That is my favorite cloak and I need it back."
Miro looks up to her and his face takes on the expression of stone.  His eyes get cold and his voice becomes slightly flat.  "You are incharge now.... as such your every decision will have consequences.  Some good... Some bad.  Not only that you lead a group who's dynamic is nothing short of a fireball spell that you are unsure when it will explode, but you must hold it together none the less.  Vrinn was wrong to force us into this so rashly and in such a dangerious situation.  Know that I did not vote for good reason when leadership was exchanged.  I am here and will do as the party requests because I love my home and will do whatever I can here to protect it.  But remember the fickleness of your crowd and know the difficult situation now stand in.  It took all of two decisions for Vrinn to turn on Gulo.  I tell you this to remind you to stay strong... and be confident of your intent.  Do not second guess yourself.  Finally and most importantly, Gulo is a friend, as lothe as I am to say it.  Know that Gulo does what he does out of practicality and without any other thought.  Yes he kicked Mara, yes it may seem cruel, but know that at the time the child was curled up in a ball of fear and had he not kicked her... we would all be dead as that monster. "Miro thumbs over to the worm "Would have swallowed us whole.  So as leader remember, in his shoes, what decisions would you have made?"
"I agree that the decision to switch leadership was brash, and I also could have handled things better myself. To answer you question, I would have bent over, stood her on her feet and told her to continue to fight.Yes she is afraid, she is a child,how could she not be, but she is also strong and powerful. Not only was his action cruel, it was dangerous. It could have caused more damage. Damage that could have proven fatal.   We all have strengths and weaknesses, and I hope to use those to our advantage. We have lost our healer, and, though I can heal, it is very limited. We need to fight smart. I have a plan, it may not work as it depends on a lot of unknowns. I am counting on you to help me keep egos in check. I can promise to listen to what everyone has to say and if it makes good sense, I'll use it."
Miro nods quietly as Gulo walks up placing his hand on his shoulder.  "Then it is settled.  We agree now to work together as companions should. Know Ariyah Gulo might be brash, be he is also well learned in tactics and command.  If you trust my words at all, trust that I trust in his.  As for the child it is water unda the bridge.  Whatever it takes I refuse to burry another companion in this gods forsaken mountain.  And know one last thing.  My patience is at its end with this group.  I do not wish to see any of you harmed but if we explode at each other again.  I will gather you all and return you to Sandpoint.  Minus your vengence, minus your consent.  I will return us home and put together another group who CAN work together and who will look out for one another.  I hate to be so final with it but it is that or burn you all to a crisp."  Miro says matter of factly.
Aryah hands Miro back his clothes and looks at Gulo " Gulo, I have no doubt in your ability to lead an army, as a matter of fact, if my plan works, I am counting on it. We, however, are not an army. We are a group of very powerful people who want to end an evil that can destroy those we care about. We must use tatics that play to our strengths. Don't you agree?"

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Gulo returns to the present, sighing "Quite, but we are not powerful, the opposite really, we are all pathetically weak, it is only together we have a chance of success, we must not forget this fact." he turns around, making his towards Mara "I have buisness to attend to, if you trust me, you will not interrupt."
"Actually, you can speak with Mara in a moment. I wish to speak with everyone for a moment. Mara, Vrinn could you join us please."
When the others join she begins to outline her plan. "Before the attack from the red cap things, I got a sense that there were more than 5 of them. So, there could be more of the creatures, but what I am hoping for is goblins. Gulo, next time we encounter these cave dwellers, I want you to challenge their leader to one to one combat for leadership of the tribe. If they are willing to do this, we gain a small army to join in the attack on the giants.  If not, then we kill them all, so they can't sneak up on us. Miro, I do not know of you capabilities, but I need you to think of a way to block or some how disrupt use of the main entrance of the Giant camp.  Mara when in battle, you are our Shock and Awe force. It is your job to break up large forces Don't however unleash your full power until given the order to do so or unless you have absolutely no other choice. Vrinn, you, me and Cheyevo will do what we do best scout and when the  opportunity arises terminate any threats. Gulo, if we get an army, you will command them, if not you will join Vrinn and I in the elimination of hostile forces. Now, how can we improve this plan?"
"What are goblins meant to do against giants? Even if Gulo can take control of some tribe that may or may not exist, why would they follow him to their deaths? Won't scoutin' be more difficult if you're unleashing an army of goblins on the giants?"
"Vrinn and I would do most of the  scouting, and the Goblins would be a distraction. Goblins look up to Hobs as being blessed by their God."
"We hobs are no spawn of a pagan god, but I can turn a band goblins, or any band of savages for that matter, into suitible cannon fodder."
Miro looks to gulo speaking now outside of the mental link.  "Gulo how likely are these giants to remain garrisoned if their leader is felled?"  Miro says as his eyes take on a pensive stare.  "And should they remain how devastating would the power vacuum be in its absence.  Perhaps we need not take on a giant army but instead cut the head off the snake instead."
"That is what I want Vrinn and Myself to scout for. To see if we could find the leader and when he is vulnerable. then come back and devise a plan. But first we must get through these tunnels."
"Based on what we know, which is little admittidly, taking out both the leader and the lamia will precident, if we we're to only remove the giant leader the lamia would most likely raise another cheiftan to the same position, as I have begun to suspect the current leader serves only as their puppet. if we were to remove both I have little doubt that in the coming power vaccum they would either disband or devolve into infighting to try and claim his title, either possiblity will still be a threat, but a far more manageable one. I would recommend we try to take at least one of the lamia alive however, they information they posses is vital."
"That is a good point. I am not, however, Familiar with the Lamnia race. What are they and what are their strengths and weaknesses?"
"I have only entountered them once myself, but from I have been relayed by Miro and Synovia they are quite capable spell casters, particularly in the field of mental domination, I would advise extreme caution and taking them by surprise and or suppressing their spellcasting ability is our best strategy. However from the intelligence we have gained during the raid of Sandpoint it would seem that the lamia follow the stone giant leader around most often, either advising him or, more likely, keeping him enscrolled with magic. So it is a most likely possiblity we will be facing both the leader and the lamia."
"Miro, as a spell caster, do you have any way of blocking the effects of the Lamnia magic?"