Miro x Gulo 19 of Calistril after the Worm Battle

    While Miro speaks with Ariyah he closes the channels between all others but himself and Gulo.  "Gulo... we must speak.  I need to know now... can you follow Ariyah with loyalty?  Can I trust you to follow her commands much as you would mine?  I will ensure that your voice is not lost amoung us, but can I still trust you as my companion in arms?"
"Ja, I may not agree with it, she is too soft to lead us, she plays at war, you all do, but I will follow her and offer the best advice I can give to her." he looks back to Miro, speaking "How are you holding up Miro?"
     Through the link Miro continues.  ~I am angry.  I am tired.  And I am sad.  I am sad that the child in my charge is dead, I am sad the child in my care is gone and I can not tell you the first thing about her.  And I am tired and Angry that you must be alienated that we can survive this horrible journey.  Know Gulo I understand all that you have done, and that I have done what I did just to keep us from tearing each other apart.~
"Dankashein, Kreigstam." he looks down at the whip, gripping it tightly "You are lucky Miro, to not have truly known her, to have never shared stories, laughter, sorrow, bonded as Kriegstam, it makes losing them all the more painful."
~Yes... howeva  she was in my charge.  She was my responcability and in that I have failed again.  Her blood is on my hands inadvertantly or not.~  Miro looks down at his hands as he is speaking with Ariyah.
"learn from your failure, and have her death not be in vain, as their's was." he walks over to Miro, resting a weathered hand on his small shoulder "You may not believe it, but my people are capable of compassion, if you need anyone to talk to about your loss I am here for you Kiregstam." he let's out a bitter laugh "and I have more blood on my hands than yours, I can assure you."