Bulk upload of handouts, decks & rollable tables

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Hi there, Creating a handouts, decks and rollable tables is currently a manual and time-consuming process of inputting entries one-by-one. It would save a tremendous amount of time if these could instead be uploaded in bulk. The three items mentioned have a set format, so it should be relatively straightforward to create a template for download from the website that contains headers for the different entries on the form. If this template were in the format of CSV or EXCEL, this would allow us to: work offline populate entries automatically using Excel functionality Internet advertising companies such as Google offer the same option for uploading advertising campaigns -  go here for a short explanation. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Wijbren
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Powerful suggestion indeed. Thanks for posting your idea, Wijbren. There is a community-created API script available to Roll20 Pro subscribers, involving importing tabular data to Rollable Tables. It's worth a look, and you can probably format your own spreadsheet output to work with this,  https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/1144568/script-t...
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I want to second bulk deck creation especially. And/or the ability to give/sell decks and handouts on the Marketplace if that doesn't already exist.
Just used the Table-Export script to create 13 tables with approximately 1,100 entries in about 45 seconds. Powerful tool for setting up tables, and couple it with the Recursive Table script to have cleaner outputs to the chat window!

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Hi there ) I bumped into lack of bulk deck creation features in the app, as I needed to create several 100+ card decks for my game. Being a software developer I couldn't stand but find\create an automated workaround for this. ) Long story short, I created a small browser extension (not API) script to bulk create deck cards based on My Library images. It solves my problem so I decided to share the solution with the community. Unfortunately, the workaround requires some tech-savvynes. On other hand, it saves hours of clicking, so it may be worthwhile to spend some time getting into my approach ;) The info and a short guide is available at GitHub: https://github.com/feoff3/roll20-deck-creator/blob... PS I figured out like the same task can be solved via API. But sadly no script is available yet. Maybe I'll have my hands on API some other day ;)