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Dragging from Compendium, creating journal entry, and updates..


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Hi everyone, Having played with the new compendium updates, which are great, I have noticed a couple things. Dragging onto the table creates a journal entry. That entry is populated properly, based on the info at the time. Then each time I use that creature, either from the compendium or the journal entry, it uses the journal entry for the token. Let's say something is updated, such as token size, an attribute, the bar entries, etc. This is an issue, because I will not get that update unless I delete the journal entry and use the compendium again to add the creature. Does it make sense to somehow override the journal entry, possibly by allowing me to not have to create a journal entry at all? I would like to only use the compendium for things that are available in it. It seems like I would get any updates that way. ..Or perhaps I am simply missing something?
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Hi Kimli. Just to make sure I'm on the right page of what you're asking -- Which kind of "update" are you referring to? The answer could depend, whether you mean updates like Patches to a module and changes in the Compendium entries text and stats (this is what I think you are describing); or if you meant updates that you performed on the token in-game such as Enlarge spell casted on the monster and hit points lost? For the former, you are correct, one would either need to delete the old token+journal and drag-drop the new updated compendium-creature; or refer to the Compendium itself and not the journal for making-sure that you are always reading the latest version. Most of the compendium entries rarely change once established since it is pre-set static information, but it's true there are occasionally fixes, corrections, patches applied. If it's this, can you clarify what your suggestion is to change this behavior?
Sorry. I have spent so much time in the Volo thread, that my head was there. I am referring specifically to what happened early on with VGtM's monster/npc entries, in that there were no bars filled in, or the token was generated as the incorrect size. Those were rectified it seems, but I had to delete and recreate the journal entries by removing them from my journals first.  I think my suggestion would be to have the option to not generate a journal entry for something coming out of the compendium and always use the compendium version, so if there are changes, I don't need to figure it out and then make manual updates.
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