GuloxMara, 19th of Calistria, post Red Cap interrogation

Gulo watches the Red Cap scamper away, chuckling to himself. he looks over to Mara, and in his useal blunt tone "Mara, you did well, martially speaking anyway."
"How did I do well Gulo? By burning a companion? Or was it maybe by not actually participatin' in the combat with his," she gestures at the retreating red cap, "pals? All I did was burn some damned spiders. Good job me." She sighs.
"You kept our flanks free of encroaching enemies, and you made what was the best available solution regarding the life of your leader, you did...good, yes I think is the word. What must do is stop with your low self worth, and...other things." he ends with a chuckle.
Mara sighs again, this time a bit more frustration edging it's way in. "I just can't get you at all. One second you're yelling about how I'm not good enough and too immature, and the next you're complimenting me about making the right decision. Make your damn mind up." She closes her eyes and breathes in and out a few times. She turns away from Gulo, muttering through an exhale, "Quit rilin' me up."

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"I do not know what "rilin" is, but I assure I am not doing whatever it is, I am a big enough hob to give credit where credit is due, I do still think you are immature certainly, but you also show promise, in that regaurd you are much like myself at your age, well equivalent age anyway."
Mara lets out an ugly coughing, retching noise while spinning back towards Gulo. "Like you? Oh, no. No, no, no. Not a chance in all of the Nine Hells. No. What the fuck? No. I'm not. No. No." She shakes her head emphatically, as if her point was not clear enough.
Gulo frowns severely "I feel that this is what "riling " is." he sighs wistfully, floating into memory  "I had just lost my unit, my warband, everything and everyone that gave me purpose was ripped away from me, if it had not been for Signus and his kindness who knows where I would be today?" he thinks for a moment "Dead most likely."
Mara quiets, though her head is still shaking back and forth slowly. "Who's Signus?" she asks despite being unsure if she really wanted to know the answer.
Gulo smiles, truly for the first time in ages " a dwarf, a brood, tacturn, as serious minded as they came dwarf, in the over 10 years he was my commander I never saw him smile or laugh not even while drunk, he was stone carved into the rough shape of a dwarf." he looks over to Mara his face plastered with a supremely exxagerated grim expression.
Mara shrinks back from a bit from him, his face appearing rather menacing. "And this Signus, you... liked? like? him? And he liked you? Saved you? Even though you're a hobgoblin and he's a dwarf?"
Gulo returns to smiling "We were around each other for over a decade, I loved him like a brother, as did he, we all loved each other so. As to why he saved me, despite everything tell him not too, I don't think I'll ever know, I aksed him one drunken night why he did and do you know he said?" 
Gulo does his best dwarven impression "When we found you I was curious as to why there were 3 hobgoblins and a bugbear dead in the desert, I expected it to be an orc attack in which case I wanted to know where they had went, then kill you after we got the information." 
"Why didn't he?"
"Honestly I don't know, Signus was a man who you could never know what he was thinking, but I think he saw potential in an unusual source, much like you." 
Mara bristles a bit, but visibly smooths herself down. In a forced calm voice she says, "I'm not unusual. I was just born a little different."
"I would classify a 15 year old Halfling girl capable of destroying  giants with a wave of her hand unusual, what would you classify it as?"
"Damned convenient, considering that's what we're here to do."
"Exactly, as I suspected Signus thought of me when it came to the orcs." Gulo pulls out his pipe, stuffing it with tobbaco and taking a long draw "As I said, you remind me much of myself at your age, which means I know you will come into your own magnificently child." 
Mara scowls. "I already am magnificent."
"And now you look and sound like Gebri, perhaps I was wrong in my assumptions." he says, speaking more to himself then her.
"What is Gebri? Another dwarf? Why do I remind you of her? Was she also magnificent?"
Gulo's face returns to his usual scowl, glaring down at the ground "She was a bugbear she killed many things like you do and talked like you do, end of comparison! satisfied?" 
"Oooooh, looks like I hit a nerve. What happened between the two of you?" A sly smirk creeps it's way onto her face as she speaks.
Gulo's eyes narrow "You ask far to many questions, but fine, I will tell you. Along with Heidrac and Omnigriox, two other hobgoblins, we were the Jager unit of the Hobgoblin Warband. For over 15 years we acted as scouts, sharshooters, and shocktroops all rolled into one, and none of us were better in the ladder then Gebri!" He smiles dispite himself "She was large, even by bug bear standards, she radiated this savage beauty i had never seen before or since. She had this ingenious way of terrifying her enemies, she would cover face in ash so her eyes would stand out, slash her gums so her fangs would be blood red, and whenever her enemies looked back, as they were often running away, she would give the most maddening cackle, they would swear she was a demon in night! Now that was a woman who knew how to use fear as not only a tool but a weapon and by Moloch did she wield it!" Gulo shakes his head, composing himself "After fighting Heidrac and Omnigroix for the right we agreed that, between the two of us, we would be able to spawn many strong hobgoblins for the Warband. We were in the process of getting permission from our higher ups when it happened."  
"When what happened?"
He starts examining his weapons, stating in a matter of fact way "I killed them."
Mara stares at Gulo for a bit. "Why?"
He brings up his musket, looking hard down the iron sights, pulling the trigger and listening to the click of the hammer "They would have killed me, I need to readjust the iron sight, must have moved during the wyvern fight."
"So... you fought your friends or companions or whatever for the right to have babies with Gebri? And then all 3 of your companions attacked you while you were in the process of getting permission. You defended yourself, and killed them. But why did they attack you?"
He shoots Mara an annoyed glance "They did not attempt to kill me in front of my commander, that would have been idiotic, they tried to kill me during a scouting mission where they could have said I was killed by the enemy." he chuckles a bit "Killing an ally in front of everyone, it simply isn't done."
"Yes, whatever, they attacked you out of sight of other people. It's a classic. Why. Why did they all try and kill you?"
He examines his musket one more time, muttering something to himself in goblin he returns it his harness, cleaning off his hands "We should get going, we have wasted far too much time here."
Mara stares at Gulo some more before saying anything. "Fine. Whatever. Talking about those you loved is difficult. I get it." She shakes her head, then turns to leave.

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Gulo laughs bitterly, stating coldly "Hogbolins do not love, we are free of such maddening emotions." he walks ahead of the child, looking over his blunderbuss, muttering some more goblin before heading into the darkness.