Improving the Jukebox

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The Jukebox it a great tool, letting us play music, soundscapes and more while gaming away. Unfortunately it's not the most streamlined tool, so here are a few things that I think would make it so much better to use: 1. Add navigation controls. Pause, Next Track, Previous Track and Scrub through the track to play from a specific point. These are features that are seen in the most basic audio players and yet are missing in the Roll20 Jukebox 2. Allow the user to play both a playlist and a single track simultaneously It would be great to play a playlist of music while also having an ambient track on loop. We can't currently do this. 3. Allow sub-folders within playlists Please oh please let us organise our music. My Jukebox is getting way too cluttered. 4. Add the ability to tag tracks with custom tags (ie. 'Dark', 'Cheery', 'Ambient') Again, this would do wonders for organisation 5. Add the ability to search our Jukebox for specific tracks or tags. The ability to search within our library has been about for a while, but why not add that function to our Jukebox as well? It would help out a load when looking for one specific track to set the scene during a game. 6. Let tracks shown in the importer show their waveforms and scale to fit the window. This has bugged me for the longest time. Track names get clipped in the importer and extending the window does nothing to un-clip them. Waveforms would also be handy to identify certain tracks. Most of these are small improvements but together they would do wonders to improve the usefulness and usability of the roll20 Jukebox.
I totally agree, the Jukebox is very useful, but it needs to be up to par with the rest of the Roll20 interface. Playlist subfolders/nesting is a must. Currently I have a good mystery playlist, and I want to run a City ambience track on top of it, but there's currently no way to do that. If I had a City Mystery playlist set to "All at Once", and inside I had my city ambience track, and my mystery playlist set to loop or shuffle, it would work perfectly. 
I heartily second every point you have made. Another feature that would be nice is to have a volume control in the "Now Playing" window.
In addition being able to add a collapsible description would be really useful for specific notes on a piece.
All these suggestions are great. The jukebox is one of the most important features of the app for me and these changes would really set up what can be done with it.
The Jukebox is one of things that I use the most so even the minor issues with it are amplified pretty heavily. First and foremost a search function would be incredible. Even when I have all my tracks and sound effects organized as effectively as possible it's still hard to find what i need  quickly . I would also request the ability to fade in and fade out tracks, maybe through a toggle button on the left and right of the play/stop button. One on the left means when you start the track it will fade in, button on the left would mean when you stop the track it fades out. Maybe something like this? Fade In (Toggled off) Play/Stop (Stopped) Fade Out (Toggled on)      
Here are some more suggestions: - While searching for tracks, give us more options than Play and Stop. Let us scrub fast forward, rewind, etc. Currently, for us to vet whether or not music is right for the scene (a soft melody sometimes crashes into a crescendo, an epic driving track sometimes has a drop off, etc), we have to listen to the whole song, which is wildly time consuming. - Let us crop tracks that we have added. Sometimes music doesn't loop properly because of a lousy edit. Or there's a strange sound at the beginning or end of a track. Or we simply want to use the first movement of a musical piece. Being able to crop out the ends of stuff we don't want and either play or loop it would increase the amount of usable SFX and music massively.
I would like to see the ability to load multiple tracks on pages upon opening. This way you can run a ambient loop as well as the music for the scene. The way it works now I have to load the music and then look for the ambient sound manually and load it. It's one more thing to help the DM run the games more smoothly. Thanks
AND A DANG SEARCH HISTORY!! Nothing sucks more then looking up stuff then wanting to re-look at what you done-gone-have-searched. I don't care if its something as simple as a key-memory where it just remembers every song you hit enter in the search boxes.