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[D&D 4E] referencing defense attributes with macros

Is there a way to pull the proper defense Totals and reference them in a macro? for example I am trying to create a macro that uses the @{target|ac}, but because attr_ac is not populated into the attributes page by default (same with Ref, Fort, Will) and I suppose anything that is marked as "disable" within the html code does not auto populate in the attributes page.  is there a way to put the these values in the attribute page? the reason I am not manually adding these attributes in the attribute page is it seems if I put in say "ac," this value completely overrides the ac formulated on the actual character sheet. 

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While autocalc fields won't be displayed on the Attributes & Abilities tab, you should still be able to reference them with @. For @{target|...} and @{selected|...}, make sure the token is linked to the character.