UPDATE Nov. 13th, 2020 We are no longer accepting submissions of this nature. Compendium updates are handled by Roll20 and official partners directly. Volunteers are need to help Roll20 expand its Compendium! Are you a rules savvy gamer with a little web-tech knowledge? Consider helping us expand the rule sets available on Roll20 - any game with an OGL will be considered! Editors will help create a new Compendium book for their approved rule-set, these new Compendiums will have all of the features of the 5E Compendium, including Sheet integration and drag and drop functionality. Editors will be&nbsp;working to help push content to our users. Compendium Contributors are expected to respect the rules of the site and the game they are working on - any violation or vandalism of the Compendium will result in removal from the project team. We will be limiting our editors to 1 game per person, however we may consider allowing folks with expanded knowledge of other games to contribute to other Compendiums once their initial project is completed. Structured data is strongly required to begin a Compendium, however we will consider manual submissions if the data is not available. If you are interested in volunteering to help, please email <a href="mailto:team@roll20.net" rel="nofollow">team@roll20.net</a> and provide the following information… Subject: New Compendium Volunteer Do you have experience with basic html text editors? What game would you like to bring to the Compendium? Does the game have an OGL? (Please share a link to the OGL) In 2 to 3 sentences, please describe your experience with these games. Are you familiar with Structured Data? Do you know how to obtain the Structured Data for the game you are considering? Please share your Roll20 account email. Upon approval, editors will be connected to their Compendium teams &amp; the Roll20 staff via email to help facilitate organization and discuss any roadblocks. All approved volunteers will receive a special account badge. Thanks to all who apply!